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Title Author Recipient Datesort descending From To Collection
LutherGranger2 Luther Granger Sabra S. White Granger Harrisburg, PA Rush, Susquehanna County, PA Luther Granger Letters
Whitner6 P. Sydney Whitner Eliza Whitner Drewry's Bluff, Chesterfield County, VA Catawba County, NC Eliza Whitner Papers
Quinn19 William H. Strickland Mary A. Holland Raleigh, NC Duplin County, NC Sally G. Quinn Papers, 1850 (1860-1864) 1927
Matthews21 David Matthews Nancy Matthews GA Cherokee County, AL Matthews Family Papers, 1856-1910
Honnoll5 John N. Dale Sarah Jane Honnoll Marion County, MS Honnoll Family Papers
Proffit5 Alfred N. Proffit Calvin Luther Proffit MD Proffit Family Letters, 1860-1865
Campbell3 John K. Campbell, Flora Ann Campbell Daniel K. Campbell Campbell Papers
Poe5 William S. Poe Rhoda Poe Fayette County, AL Poe Family Papers, 1858-1901
Blackington7 Lyman D. Blackington , Jacob A. Blackington Keziah Blackington , Hannah Blackington , Lewis Blackington Poolesville, MD North Attleboro, MA Lyman and Jacob Blackington Papers
Poe59 William S. Poe James Poe , Mary McMillian Poe , Apsanah Poe , Asa T. Poe , Mary Poe Poe Family Papers, 1858-1901
Wesson6 Joseph E. Wesson Rachel Jane Wesson Talladega County, AL Joseph E. Wesson Letters
Coggin5 Ebenezer B. Coggin Ann E. Coggin Gordons, VA Chambers County, AL E. B. Coggin Papers
PattonJ21 James A Patton Belle Patton Petersburg, VA Granville County, NC James A. Patton letters, 1862-1864
Box48 William Irby Box Margaret Culbertson Box , Rachel Lueller Box SC Box Family Papers, 1857-1864
Fell18 Albinus Fell Diana “Mit” Fell VA Fowler Township, Trumbull County, OH Albinus Fell Collection
Poe61 William S. Poe Asa T. Poe , Mary Poe Poe Family Papers, 1858-1901
Bigbie23 Thomas T. Bigbie Mary Jane Bigbie Thomas Bigbie Papers
Pratt49 James Pratt Charlotte Pratt Winchester, KY North Weymouth, Norfolk County, MA James and Charlotte Pratt Papers
Athey21 George W. Athey Emily Athey Nashville, Davidson County, TN Montgomery County, AL Athey Family Letters
Blackngton27 Jacob A. Blackington Hannah Blackington Warrenton, VA North Attleboro, Bristol County, MA Lyman and Jacob Blackington Papers
Skelly18 Elizabeth A. Skelly Johnston H. Skelly Gettysburg, Adams County, PA Skelly Family Papers
LutherGranger7 Luther Granger Sabra S. White Granger Yorktown, VA Rush, Susquehanna County, PA Luther Granger Letters
Beebe19 Lyman Beebe Phebe Beebe Susquehanna County, PA Lyman Beebe Papers
Proffit6 Jesse Miller Elizabeth Miller Goldsboro, NC Proffit Family Letters, 1860-1865
Goodwin5 James F. Goodwin Olive J. Goodwin Petersburg, VA York County, ME James F. Goodwin Document Collection

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