Dear Mother and Father
Dec 6 1860
I have bin thinking we would
[??] you before [??????????] [1] 
have not rote to you before now we air
all well now and if we keep so you
may look for us christmas if it aint
too coald John and Martha talk of comng
with us Martha lost one of her twins we
have had a greate deal of sickness in
the nabor hood since I rote to you last
mostly Tifoid feavor Miss Anna Avery died
last friday I no Jane will be sory to her
she is dead tell Jane wonders ant seast
yet Billy and Martha got married the
12 of August they live with
us yet they will go to keeping house
before long Jim Hust is in bad health
he has bin sick all the summer
so he cant do any work hardly
[page 2]
news is scirse and I expect to come
so soon I wont tell you any more
so I reman your affectionate children
John and Sidney Hurst

Dear Jane
I am glad you air
maried I want you to come down
and bring Aunt Nancy with you
we all want to se her your mother
is all about you all
Jane Grisey Avery went to wake [2]
to stay with Old Mrs Pate she got
maried in too months to one of the
young Mr Pates I was glad to her
she was maried I want all the
girls to get maried you had best
make haste if you dont Billy
and Martha will beat you Martha
looks pretyer than I ever saw her
[page 3]
I want you to come down
and come to se me and bring your
old mam I dont no ho will
get maried next I have not give
Mary Snipes and Mr Ray out yet
one more wonder Miss Peggy
is going to get maried to Old Mr
Billy Black Jane I do believe
Spens and Bashe is courting I dont
reckin Mother will be willing to that
but never mind we dont let
the old fox no every thing at the
time Mr Jim Colvin is very bad
with cansers on his brest and
[???] dont think he can [???] [3]
good by Jane my head akes
too bad when you come I will
tell you all your own Eliza
my love to all

  1. fold damaged and line obscured by tape
  2. Wake County, NC
  3. line obscured by tape
December 6, 1860


Residence (County): 
Orange County, NC


Hust Parents


From Note: 
Not Listed


To Note: 
Not listed

Transcription/Proofing Info

Sarah Pasquale
Transcription Date: 
April, 2011
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 
June, 2011

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