November the 5 1862

govner vance
i set down to
rite you a few lines
and hope and pray
to god that you wil
oblige me i ame
a pore woman with
a pasel of litle
children and i wil
hav to starv or go
neked me and my
litle children ef my
husban is kepd way
from home much
longer and i ask
you to let him
come home and burn
cole for the stat [1]
dont want him to
come and do nothen
for the [??]
but he can see to
his famely and burn
cole and i beg you
[page 2]
to let hime come
tha dont giv me
but thre dolars a
month and fore
of us in famely
and i cant cloth
my children i hav
knit 40 pare of
socks fo the solgers
and it take all
i earn to get
bread and i beg you
in the name of the
lord to let him come
my sister en law is
nearly as bad of as
i ame and she wants
[??][??] ef you can
spare him i hope tha
can [??] the state as
wel a burning cole as
tha can thear ef you
cud hear the crys of
my litle children
[page 3]
i think you wod
fell for us i ame
pore in this world
but i trust rich
in heven i trust
in god for my
help and hope
he wil cos you
to hav compashin
for the pore
rote by
James A Bolton wife

he is at wilmington
young Bartalon [2]
company A
Capt Lewes [3]

Joab Bolton [4] is
my sisteren law
husban name he
is at the same
[page 4]
i umble beg the
in the name of
ouer father in
heven to send
ing husban home
and i hope
the lord wil
reward you
ef not in this
world in heven
is my prayer
nite and morning
hear the cryes
if the pore i
beg you

Lydia A
Bolton to
the govner of
North Carolina

  1. possibly making charcoal for the iron foundries
  2. Major Wilton L. Young commanded the 10th NC Heavy Art. Batt’n.
  3. Capt William B. Lewis of Co. A
  4. Pvt. Joab Bolton of Co. A
November 5, 1862


Residence (County): 
Guilford County, NC


From State: 
North Carolina
From County: 


To State: 
North Carolina
To Municipality: 

Transcription/Proofing Info

Michael Ellis
Transcription Date: 
August, 2010
Proof Date: 

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