January the 15 1863 Nothing like tring

Northcarolina Randolph County
Mr Vance I am a poore woman and a weekly won
I now ask a petition Mr Vance give me my
request if you plese Ser do I know it lies in
your power to comfort my distress mine
I have a Husban and four Children and am poor
and very poor I write to you becase my Husban
Cant my Husban is a Cooper by trade & is considerd
a very good won and has bin very bisey since the
wor working for the Nabors and cant Suply
them all But dose all he can my Husban Stays
at home and works very hard I have bin very
uneasy for fere he wood haft to go in the army
he will haft to go without your asistence
he never has bin in no col til now I supose
he is not clere by age age thrty Seven
Relese him Ser if you plese I wont say if you
can I now you can this is my Request deny
me not if you do I am most measearble my
Husban is a man with very little talent
I donte want him to go in the army he would
do no good ther at home he can do a greate deale
I have herd Sed that you was as good a man as every
lived or died & I hant a fraid to ask a favar of
you I have herd Sed that you was Husban to the
Widows Fathers to the olpant & the poor man friend
I want you to Relive my Husban if you plese Ser
I want you to Send me a letter if you plese Ser
and let me now what he can do he has never
bin examed by the Dr ther was a mistake made
in the day & he did not go the right day & I
told him I would a peele to you he ses that he
is willing to obeay your orders I beg for his releis
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Mr Vance I tel you the truth from a honist
hart and I can bring good witness to witnes all
I Say I want you to give me a anser if you plese
as quick as you can you are all the one that I
fere in this wor if you Say go he will haft to go
and if you Say Stay he will Stay I hope you
will Say Stay at home with me and the
Children I beg you becouse he is not caperable
of taken care of his self as Som is I dont know
what more to say than I have sed Sho mursey
I never saw you and if I never do in this world
I hope we will meete in the Paradise of god
wher we will be permited live to gether
for ever and ever may god in his infinite goodness
Smile upon you and make you truly good and
happy is my Senseary wish

My Husban name is Zebedee Hunt Catharine
plese Ser send me an ancer as quick as you
can Direct you letter to Sowers vill

I will also Say that his Father is very bad off with
the dropsy and no won to do eny thing for him but
Zebedee the old gentleman has but two Sons
and one of them is in the army and has bin
ther ever Since the first Volenthers

yours with Resect Catherin Hunt
Mr Vance wife of
Zebedee Hunt

[Governor Vance has added]
Ansr Some

January 15, 1863


Residence (County): 
Randolph County, NC


From State: 
North Carolina
From County: 


To State: 
North Carolina
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Transcription/Proofing Info

Michael Ellis
Transcription Date: 
August, 2010
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