North Carolina Franklin Conty
January the 26 1863
Gov Z B,, Vance Dear Sir I take
my pen in hand to drop you a
few lines to let you know
the situatiown of my family
for I want you to clear my husband
from the wars if thar be eny
posible chance as you are seppezent
to be a man of felings in wich I hop
you is are fore I have fore Brothes
and tha are all in the army
and my husband has tow and thay are
thay but tow of them has becom
the vicktoms of death and I
have nine cilden childrin
and the most of them are girls
wich we have to depend apon
my husband in dustery for
suport and if he gos of whot
shal I dow and my husband have
a agidg Mother and a old afflicked
Farther with a cancer on his face
[page 2]
wich will sone bring him to his end
so if my husband cold stay with
us he wold be the menes of us not
to starve maby but with
thout hime we are bound to
suffer and I think if eny man
is exzemp from this war I think he
out to be one be caus he did all he
cold to prevet his nabors from
voting for cecession altho he is a
strong sothern man as ever live I
want you to take this all under
consider ration clear him from
this cal if not from the war allwa<?>
if you pleas and for my sake and for
the sake of my little childrin and for the
sak of his old aflicted parrnts
and for god sake by so doing
I hope heaven will reward
you my husband is forty years
old nex June and he is afflicked
[page 3]
with rumatism and I dont think
he is able to stand camp life and
if you want eny furth enfermation
refer to Mr A,,W,, Pearce and
Mr W,, Harris for tha are memb
bes from this conty and no relitive
of mine my husband name
is James.M.. Culpepper
I want you to send hime a
dis carg if you pleas to eas my
troubble mind as the call is clos at
had Catharine.A.Culpepper

P,,S Sir giv me ancer sun
address to me at luisburg
Franklin Conty

January 26, 1863


Residence (County): 
Franklin County, NC


From State: 
North Carolina
From County: 


To State: 
North Carolina
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Transcription/Proofing Info

Michael Ellis
Transcription Date: 
August, 2010
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