N C, Polk County Feb, 13, 1863
Mr. Z. B. Vance Ser I rite you a few lines
to State to your honor the condition of our
county at this time I state to you that there
is sum men coming from the army as recruiting
officers and they say that there Janerals has give them
the pour to take all of the men up to forty years
and they say that the comision officers has to go and
they have sceard some of our officers so they have
Refuesed to help us catch the Desirters in this
county Mr gov vance I can state to you that I
have not Dun a day work at home in about five
monts for taking up Deserters and Bying corn and haling
to the volentears wives and haling wod for them this
winter I can say to you that there is to my noying
about 15 Deserters that has lately landed her and they
Brung there arms and thay are all together and is making
there threts against mee I have Bin trying to get
them three or four times and if I am aloud to stay
hear I will have them if they Dont kil mee thay are
going about of a night a stealing horses and runing
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them off and shuting hogs is the Report Mr vance
sum men ses that I am intitle to 30 Dollars for ever
Deserter that I Deliver at camps and all that I put in
jale 15 Dollars I have taken severl and I never have
made any charge for our forces are in serves and I am
willing to spend all of my time for the volintears
familyes and for the Benefeit of Southern states
I state to your honer that I am a comon pore man
and has got five little children and got two famialies
on my land Doing the Best I can for them I have
Bin a malitia officer for four years I have Dun my Duty
and I want som instriction from you if you pleas
I want to no if the officers has to go I am willing to
stand to my cuntry I say to you that I have Dun all
I can and I will say to you that if I could Bee
Detailed that I will volenteer my servises to you in
this way if you will give mee sum of the rite sort of
men I will take up all of the Deserters that comes hear
and put them in Jale Free grattis for our friends
is in the army and I am willing to Do all I can for
there little children with out any charge
times is hard hear and what few men is hear
is runing and Doing all they can for the wives and
children of the soldiers I will close By saying
pleas your honer Mr vance to send mee a few lines
as an answer to the above lines if you pleas and
Rite som and Direct it to Sandy plains PO so no
more But I still Remain your Friend
Thos, M, Walker
Major of 105 Ridg NC Malitia

February 13, 1863


105th Regiment North Carolina Militia
Residence (County): 
Polk County, NC


From State: 
North Carolina
From County: 


To State: 
North Carolina
To Municipality: 

Transcription/Proofing Info

Michael Ellis
Transcription Date: 
August, 2010
Proof Date: 

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