N C February the 15th 1863
Rutherford CO

dear friend and Govner of North
Caroliner Mr. Vance I take the pleas
her of droping you a few lines to let you
know that I am well and hope when these
lines come to hand tha will find you
in the best of health I wold bea glad to
sea you and have som time to spend
with you but I cant for some time I
think of Coming to raleigh som time
this Spring but dont know when I
will git off for I have hapned to a
very grat axcedent Som few days a
go I got my 2 kitchens burnt in
to ashes and all that was in them a
quanty of Ry and oats flower dride
fruit and all of my Earthan ware and tools
a quantey of lard and kitchen furnitur
I think that tha was robed and then Set
a fier but cant git no Evidence of the
facts I have nothing very Strang to
rite you more then hard times about
provisions and leather corn is selling at $300 [$3.00]
per bushel and cant hardley bea had at all
we have Corn a nuff in this county
to do the people if hit cold bea Eaquley
devided but som is so fraid of not
making non this year tha wont Sell
a bushel at all or I will Say tha
want a biger prise and thare is som
men Stilling right a way and has
not stoped at all sence tha got done
Stilling fruit tha comenced on corn and
is selling thare whiskey as fast as tha can
make hit at a big prise from $8 to $12 per
[page 2]
gallon and I know of one man
hoo had to go to the ware at the com
encement of hit for some hard talk
he is 43 or 44 years of age and he did not
rein liste nor stay his twelve monts
quite out and got a sick fur low
and come home last august and
went right to stilling and has not
stoped yet and is still a boiling 2
Stills he does not live in my county
but dos live in the adjoinen county
called Cleavlan N.C. thare is famileys
that cant git bread to Eat hardley and
he is keering not for hit but Sais
hit is no harme for no won to make
money when that can if tha make
hit honestley and whiskey is selling
for the most Clare proffet of Eney thing
Govner I do want you to do somth
ing about this things if you have
hit in your pour his name is
Jessey M Scruggs I dont rite this to
you becaus I have Eney harm at
the man at all for he is my
brothern law and of corse I have no
harm of him nor dos not wish him
Eney but be caus the grain is badly
Kneaded for the suport of the wives and
Children of the Soalders who ar in the
field and I have a mail line or a
contrack from lincton to ashvill me
and mr Washburn and I cant hardly
git corn to fead my horses at no prise
[page 3]
Some wont sell and Som
Sais I must git the most
for my corn that I can and you
know when the stills is boling hit
up that the stiller can aford to give all
most Eny prise for corn and that is
one cause of corn beaing so hard and
scarse to git Govner rite to me and
let me hear how your health is and
what is the news I will bea glad to
hear from you at Eney time and on Eny
subject I want you to not make hit
known hoo rot to you about Jessey
M. Scruggs beaing Stilling but if you
want Eny Evidence of the facts rite to the
Sheriff of Cleavland C.O. N.C pleas
ex cuse me for bad riting and Spelling
and not for git to let me hear from
you yous verey respectfully friend
untell death E. D. Hawkins,
acting Justice for
said County
[page 4]
February the 15th 1863
to the Govner
honerbell mr Vance Govnur of
north carolina i will rite you a
few lines on a nother Subject I
want you if you pleas to rite to me
whether tha can in roal a man or
not and Caus him to muster hoo is
an acting Justis of the Peas and who
is wone of the for the
poor and has a mail contract
allso and is 44 years of age pleas rite
to me on this subject if you think
of hit soo and let me know
yours most truly friend untell
E.D. Hawkins
an acting Justice of
the peace for R. Co

[added by the Governor]
Inform him that I have orders to the Militia to arrest distillers whenever found &c.
He is leable to Militia duty. Present my condolence for the loss of his property and my thanks for interest <??> &c. He is an old & supporter ZBV

February 15, 1863


Residence (County): 
Rutherford County, NC


From State: 
North Carolina
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To State: 
North Carolina
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Michael Ellis
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August, 2010
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