May the 2 5th 1861
Manchester Va
Deer father i onst Mor take the opertunity
off writting you A few lins to let you know how
we ar gitting along I am gitting About well
hoping when thes few lins coms to hand tha
find you all well Daniel is not as well to day
as he has been we are bouth at the hospital yet
we Recevd yor letter daed the 4 of may i was glad
to her from you the rest of the frinds is all well
w w Burriss died A bout the first of this month [1]
he died from arisen in his throat all So yant [2]
milford was kiled in the fight at willam
Burg I Saw william Robert Son James man and
Jesa Cambel and Ben Cambel gus mcura and Severl
outhers I was with them all day yester day tha
Said that tha Saw you a day or too be for tha Stared
[Mac?] Said that you was all well and gitting along
very well with yor Crop well we ar Still looking
for the Big fight to com off tha was figting Clost
to owr Reg ment yesterday morning But it did
not last long owr Regtment is in too mils
of Richmond But tha ar under marching orders
tha dont git to Stay at one plase long at
A time I went out yesterday to See them
tha was all well and gitting A long tarable [3]
well but tha ar but few in the Regment now
[page 2]
Well we have Drawed our muney
at last and I and daniel has Sent one
hundred dolars home 50 Dolars A peas we Send
it with waren alen our capten he lives at Abevill
cort Hous you can to thar and git it he Said
that he wood rit you a letter when he got home he
Can tell you all about ous and A bout the war
So when you git the money writ to ous and let
ous no But i am no wa[y]s oneasey about it for it
is Sent with A man that will Doo the thing writ
you wil See S M Bowen for he is gon home
I wod lik the Best in the world to go home for
About thirty days furlough But tha ar no
chance to go now But I hop it will all work
out writ Sum Day i hav not herd from william
Sens i Saw him but i herd that tha was at fed
Ricks Burg i want you to tell me wher to
Back my letter too when i writ to Thomas Boyd I was
Sory to her that he was Sick I have never got a letter
from him Sens he left home Guss Mcuray
told me that Andrew was talking about volent
teern I want Him to Stay at home for I think
four is anuf to go out of one famley you need
not Send iney thing too ous untill we git Camped
for we cood not git it tell Mary and Fenton Hall to Rit
to me and let me no how tha ar gitting A long I will
Bring my letter to A Close So nothing mor R P Boyd
to Robert Boyd

  1. Pvt. W. W. Burriss of Co. D, 7th SC Infantry
  2. Pvt. T. S. Milford of Co. D
  3. tolerable
May 25, 1861


Name Variant: 
Co. D, 7th South Carolina Infantry
Residence (County): 
Abbeville County, SC


Residence (County): 
Abbeville County, SC


From State: 
From Municipality: 

Transcription/Proofing Info

Michael Ellis
Transcription Date: 
June, 2010
Michael Ellis
Proof Date: 
October, 2010

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