State of Arkansas Independance County
October 21th 1860
Dear brother and sister I recieved your
letter the 17 of October Wich giv me
grate sattisfaction to her from you We ar
all well at presant and hope this will
find you all well We ar A long ways A
part and I dont exspect to see you A
gin in this world but I hope that we
will meet in heven brother William
Cum to see me one time and I
Never herd from him eny more till
I herd that he wer Ded and Simon
Dough gut wer gon back to georgia
to take back what William had to
his peple that tha all lived in
georgia he had A muel that was
worth one hundred and seventy five
Dollars and had A waggon that
was worth one hundred Dollars and
had A good deal of munny And
had nots to A right smart A
mount and had A good watch
And he mad A good Crop of Corn and
Wheat and Simon Striklin got all to
take back to georgia to his peple
Mr Strklin is Booth suninlaw Not
that I want what William had
but I think that Striklin dun rong
for bnot leting me no that William
was sick you wrote to me that tha
was sum munny thare for me and
I want you to send it to me if you think
that you Can send it safe and if you
Cant write to me how mutch it is
[page 2]
times of the Cuntry it has bin
varry dry all this summer Corn is
worth fifty Cents per bushel Wheat is
worth one dollar and fifty Cents per bushel
pork will be worth five or six Cents
Land is hy and all is taken up that
is mutch A count A bout one hundred
and fifty miles North west ther is
as good land as you ever saw at
twelve and A half cts per acor and if I live
I am going next fall and I wood like
for you all to Cum and go with me
and get good land for our Children
so Nothing more at present
onley Remains your affectionate sister
untell death
Dy rect your letter to
Independance County
Alderbrook post
office Arkansas
Lavade Crawford W C Crawford

October 21, 1860


Residence (County): 
Greenville County, SC
wife of Smallwood Jefferson Dalton
Residence (County): 
Greenville County, SC


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South Carolina
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Michael Ellis
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July, 2014
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