Camp [??]to Spot sel vaney va
April the .5. 1862
Dear fother i Seat my Self down this
Morning to let younall that
I am well and all of the boys
Is well pau bill charles has come
And he brought mee too let
ters that was dated march the 30
Pau bill charles has come and he has
brought hour uniforme but tha
Air at fedricks burg yet tha
will get them in a day or too
I have nothing of importance to
Right i think wee will have afight
before [nong?] tha Say that thair
Is lots of yankeys at [baconrase?]
Well pau i doant want you to
volum teer nore dont let reck
voluntteer tell cage tonot to
volunteer nor aran until icome home
I want to go with you i mus come to
A close Right Soon as this
comes to hand
[page 2]
Dear Sys ters I have nothing of
Importance to right to you
to day is a raney Saterday
will charles come yes ter day on
fryday and to day is Saturday
And hit is arining lis tomorrow
Me and Sefus is on guard
on Sunday and the next day
I want togo to town cournel
Grifen will give me apass
but i dont now wheather
He will ornot I mus
Come to a close by Saing right
As Soon as this comes to hand
excuse my bad riting my paper
[Doant?] imu come to a close right
Soon A. H. Dalton
S. Dalton

April 5, 1862


Co. F, Infantry Regiment, Hampton Legion
Residence (County): 
Greenville County, SC


Residence (County): 
Greenville County, SC


From State: 
From Municipality: 


To State: 
South Carolina
To County: 

Transcription/Proofing Info

Michael Ellis
Transcription Date: 
July, 2014
Proof Date: 

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