Richmond Virginia Jan th 1863
Dear Sister
I now avail the present oppertunity
of wrighting you a few lines which I hope
will find you enjoying the best of health as
for my selfe I am but poorly at present with
a rising under my arme it bothers me a gradeal
I hafto carry my arm in a sling alltho I
am still doing my dewty yet I sopose it are
about the size of a thirty-pound Ball it has got my arm swelled plumb down to my hand [1]
Dear Sister I hav nothing of any importance wourth
relating to you at this time only I would like
mighty well to be home now to I feel very
lonesom since Ben has gonn home to but
I see n[o] prospects of getting a furlow untill
pease and if I cannot get home without runnen
the Blockade I am knot comeing attall
unless my mind alters mightly Dear sister in
the second place I hav not seen one purty girl
out hear yet I cannot endore them attall
oh if they war was to and end would
nt I be a proud boy how long do you
[page 2]
think it would be before I would be
home and my arms around that sweet little
ones neck and take one of the sweetest kisses
that ever was kissed when I think of the
time to come it makes me feel happy
but when I think of the present it makes
me sick, is not you mighty sorry for me
I think it is time to stop that subject
now I hav just arrived last knight from
a trip to Fredericksburg I saw all of the
boys in the old Regt. except George Furtick
he wase off in some Hospittle or annother
all the rest were well considering the fare
they hav to put up with sevril of them
wishes they had followed me I never shall
forget that day when I got my Transfer
they all are in purty good health and
spirit they say they hav got use to it
I would like very mutch to be home to eat
some of your sausage and pooden and [many?]
other things I could mention to, you must
wright to me when you can nothing
more at present but still remaines
your affectionate Brother untill death
Mrs Rachel E Jefcoat Samuel W Jefcoat

  1. thirty-pound Ball = a bullet over 1/2 inch in diameter, from the number of bullets cast from a pound of lead
Date Note: 
January 1863, no day.


Residence (County): 
Orangeburg County, SC


Residence (County): 
Orangeburg County, SC


From State: 
From County: 


To State: 
South Carolina
To County: 

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Michael Ellis
Transcription Date: 
December, 2012
Michael Ellis
Proof Date: 
December, 2012

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