Sens I finisht my letter the recruits has [1]
Come down I hav got the pants you sent me
By tom reed I hav not had time to un do them
and Jefferson mitchel is going to start home in
the morning and I have not time to try on my
Pants I have heard no talk of eny butter you
Say you Sent me you wanted me to rite how
our far is we get plenty to eat and as good as you
Cold ex pect in camps we draw meal beaf rice
Sugar our mess has had plenty of coffy and have
Apirty good serply of it yet from the way you
rite you never got the letter I Sent you by James
Bur net I tale in hit about what I done for to baco
I baught 2 plugs at columbia at 35 cents per plug
And I have bought a half pound hear and give 50
Cents for it I am pesterd So I cant do without
it you wanted me to come home in to or three
weaks I rote to you in the letter I s[t]arted to
you by James barnet to go to pap and get five
dollars and Send me that I mite be able to come
home for I hav Spent Sum of what I brout for
to bacco and cookin utenlous and stamps I hav only
A bout five dollars and it takes ten to come
[page 2]
from hear to grenville I rote for you to Send
it by bearyman Stewart So that if it was nes
Sary I cold come home you wanted me to rite to
you whether it was worth while to so eny more
wheat or not you must so all the seed for it
is worth nothing fo eny thing els you must
be mity cearful a bout the Small pox dont
let the boys go eny whar nor let no body come
thar I hav bin in formed this eaving that old
mister mon and his wife has bin viseting
John moons wher the Small pox is you must not
go A bout them nor let them come about you
Jackson Ponder tels me that bruceis boys come
thar evry day you must keep them a way for
if you get the small pox you will all dy for
no boddy will come to se you or to do enything
for you So you must stay at home and let no
body come thar direct your letters to bew
ferd dist pocataligo camp goldsmith third re
redge ment of reservs farmers Compny
and it will come

  1. No date or place, but clearly written soon after the previous two letters, possibly a continuation of the December 26 letter, and probably also from Camp Goldsmith, Beaufort District, SC.
Date Note: 
Possibly a continuation of the 1862-12-26 letter


Co. B, 22nd South Carolina Infantry
Residence (County): 
Greenville County, SC


Residence (County): 
Greenville County, SC


From Note: 
Possibly at Camp Gold Smith, Beaufort District, South Carolina

Transcription/Proofing Info

Michael Ellis
Transcription Date: 
June, 2008
Michael Ellis
Proof Date: 
June, 2008

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