Sullivans island

November tuesday the 10 1863 to Mary Lister
My dear Companion I once more Seat my self
To rite you a few more lines witch leaves me
well hopen thay my Come dew to hand and
find you all well and doing the same I receve[?]
A letter from you by g v mason and was glad to
Hear from you for it is the only time I hav herd
From you sens I left you sed you had rote me
one be fore but it has never Come hear yet
I re ceivd the things you sent me and was glad
To get them for our far is bad hear we had a
Fine box in our mess Jef had some and gip and tom
Had some and sam morgain had some we livd
Fine a few days apples and potatoes is a rarity
Hea r I Cold sell ever apple that grode on
That tree at home for 25 sents a peas if I had
Them hear a Comon size potato sels for 25 cents
Or 1[8?] dollars per bushel I want you to rite offen
you sed you had the Corn getherd and in the
Crib I want to no how it gethered up and wither
you getherd eny peas or not and hoo hope the
Boys to gether corn and how the horses done to
The wagon I sed to you in my other leter that
Jef wood be at home in too or three weeks the fer
Lowing is Stopt by some means I no not what
I think it is oing to the offisers not not noing
[page 2]
Ther rite hand From ther Left I think
The will get off Soon I wood be glad to se you
All now but I dont no wither I ever shall se you
Eny more or not but I hope to meat you all
Again in peas and quietude kiss my sweet babys
For me and let me no wither Alic [their son Isham Alexander] can walk
or not so I will Close for this time I remain
your true and loveing husband untill deth
A. H. Lister to Mary J. Lister
John and William a few lines to you hopein
Thay may find you well and geting along fine
with your work I dont want you to let ever
Boddy go a head of you but try and keap up with
Them and take good cear of the horses and as
Soon as you feed the Straw all out of the pens
get some body to help you and re Cover [ducky?]
Stable and rest[??]fy [becks?] and keep them
And Cow lot fild with leavs and do the
Best you Can and if I ever Come home I
will fetch you somthing if I can get eny
Thing to fetch rite how youre geting on soing
wheat and hoo sose for you and wither you
got eny blew stone or not and how meny
Possums you hav caut and wither you hav
got the hogs up or not and wither you got them
spade or not and about your shoos and how
that lether don A H Lister john and wm

November 10, 1863


Co. B, 22nd South Carolina Infantry
Residence (County): 
Greenville County, SC


Residence (County): 
Greenville County, SC


From State: 
South Carolina
From Municipality: 
From County: 

Transcription/Proofing Info

Michael Ellis
Transcription Date: 
June, 2008
Michael Ellis
Proof Date: 
June, 2008

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