South Carolina } June 26 – 1862
Laurence District }
Dear sone I take my pen in hand this one
more time to let you know that I am well
at present and family I received your letter
which I had long looked for which gave me
great satisfaction to hear from you and to
hear that you was well you rote that you
wanted me to state the hole circumstance of
this fiasco well William ther got out a report
on me that I had told some negrows that
now was ther time to do ther mischief while
the men was all gone and I hapend to get
holt of it and I thanked the man that told
me which I knew that no man nor women
white nor black could face me in it I started
out to trace the report to try to find out
who had that much enmity against me I traced
it to John Douglas Samuel Franks Alford
Barksdales to Lewis Alisons and thare the tail
altered some that cad had told Lewis him he said
that cad come down thare one night and
he ast her how her and the negrows got on
she told him no better she said she thought
her uncle Jo had bin talking to her grandadys
negrows to much made them worse and if he
said the other he did not recollect it nor aim to
I went to cad and she denyed it and sed it was
aly if it was her father I heard that bet herd
[Page 2]
cad say apart bet was out and as she steped
in at the door she herd afew words of it
cad said she intended to go to her dadys the
next day an see him about it the old lady
ant fanny spoke up that cad never sed it
she node the next Sunday morning the old
lady come over to our house and sot and talked
a while she got up to start home I sais to her
and how did cad and her father make it
she said cad had bin down thare two or three
times and could not get to talk to lewis
for he kept out of her way o said the old lady
cad never sed it cad is no lier wy said she
none of the rest of the family never herd it
I sais to her I aint so shore that none of the
rest or no more did not here her she flew in
a pashion and got very mad and started home
in a few days hear come the old woman and
nancy Alison they come in the shop whare
I was at work I seed vengeance pictured in
in ther face nancy replied well Jo i want
to know which of the fore sisters you said
heard cad say that I replyd fore sisters who
said that ther was fore sisters herd her the
old woman replied wy Jo you said so last
Sunday morning old lady you are mistaken
no says she you did say so now
we will call polly I said let her tell what was
sed I cawled her up to the shop and told her to
[Page 3]
repeet the words that was said as near as she
could she did so and the old woman said and
that ther was fore of the sisters herd her
Polly replied no mother them words candaly was
not said about the fore sisters and the old lady
sed they was I said look hear old lady you are
very near your grave it soon will be that
judgment will determin it I neve said that fore
sisters heard it I told them that I herd that bet
herd part of it she wanted to now who told me
I asked her if bet denied it and she said no
she steped in at the door and herd about two words
of it very well said I that shows me she
did say it tha said cad should not ly under it
I said well now take it of if you can then nancy
commenced I neve herd such a tongue in a woman
head I told them I had not lived in pease since
I lived hear and that I had lived here fifteen
years too long now the old lady said she would not
live here any longer I told her I would not no longer then I
could get away she told me to go the old man come
hear a day or two after I asked him if he had
any thing against me moving my shop he said
he did he had nothing against me taking it
he said he would not tell me to go nor to stay
Polly is as anxious to get away as I am William I
dont want you to missput old Mrs Cooper
if ther can be any other arangements made all
though I think it would be the best for you and
[Page 4]
Margret and my self too for me to go to
your place and try to have some thing made
on the place and your stock and things
attended to the letter that you got from me
last I sent by hand by Mr Fisher that his
family is bording at A C Fullirs from
Charlestown he said he would git it to you
let you be at Adams Run or James Island
William I want you to rite in your next
letter what you are doing and how you like
that place and how the health of that place
is William as I rote to you before if you
need anything let me no it and if I can get
it you shall have it I dont want it to be
solong any more before I get alletter from you
I sent and went to the office all most every
day for about three weeks before I got one and
if you are scarce of money to put letters in
I will send you alitle to in able you to
write offener I aim to send this by Robert
Cunningham and I will put one Dollar bill
in it and if you need any more let me
know it rite soon so I must Close my letter
but still remains your effectionate farther
to an only sone tell Death
Joseph B Box
To Wm I Box

July 26, 1862


Residence (County): 
Laurens County, SC


Name Variant: 
W. J.
Co. C, 3rd South Carolina Infantry
Residence (County): 
Laurens County, SC


From State: 
South Carolina
From County: 


To State: 
South Carolina

Transcription/Proofing Info

Bambi Whitaker
Transcription Date: 
July, 2014
Michael Ellis
Proof Date: 
August, 2014

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