Friday 13th [September, 1861]
Nothin new out side of bustle saving
fodder. all well this morning the Boys arrived
according to promise on their was to muster
and to carry me home. we were off
by nine oclock and reached Alsey Neves by
11 oclock there I took up quarters staid till
morning the boys went on to muster, on
reaching there I found them all well
and hurrying times pulling fodder
I found Jack Dill and Thomas there trying
to trade for a horse and they carried off
William Neves mule. Night came on Miss
M. A. Barrett Mrs. Miles Stephen Dill,
Garner Fowler all came in to stay
all night. I went into the upper
room and thumped and sawed the
fiddle a little and wished John was
here to play it and Will to dance
the rest of your mess to keep time
up so much for Friday
sept Saturday 14th
all well as common this morning. I
went to muster, saw a good many folks
right smart of Ladies, was out at muster
The muster being over two companies
beat up for volunteers got right smart
came home and found Polly Ann
here afte hearing all was well with
[page 2]
her she told me John Stroud had
volunteered I thought that would
to close the day on
Sunday . 15th
This was a quiet still day and very
warm all well as common and but
few people passing went to Andrew
Waldripps staid a while nothing of in-
terest hapened The neighbors are all well
as far as I know and so ends sunday
sept Monday the 16th
All well as common in the settle
ment as far as I know. clear and
hot every body buisy pulling fodder
Andy was here at dinner and said
tell Will he came threw his corn
to day and found a big must millon
thinking it would spoil before he
come to eat it, he took it Martha & Ella
Mama and Bud send s Will & John
their best respects and says they want
see you very much. I must close this letter
I want you all to write soon I would like to see
you all any time I want all my friends to
write to me and come and see me when they
can so write soon A. A Dill. To
William Neves
John Neves
David Nicoll
James Nicoll
Henly McMillin
and all my friends in your company

September 13, 1861


Residence (County): 
Greenville County, SC


Co. A (later Co. H), 3rd Battalion, Palmetto Light Artillery
Second Lieutenant
Residence (County): 
Greenville County, SC
Co. A (later Co. H), 3rd Battalion, Palmetto Light Artillery
Residence (County): 
Greenville County, SC
Co. A (later Co. H), 3rd Battalion, Palmetto Light Artillery
Residence (County): 
Greenville County, SC
Residence (County): 
Greenville County, SC


From State: 
South Carolina


To State: 
South Carolina
To County: 

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Michael Ellis
Transcription Date: 
March, 2013
Michael Ellis
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March, 2013

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