South Caroline Greenvill District
January th 30 1862 Mr William Neaves
seate my Self to Rite you afew lines
to let you No that wee ar all well
at presant hoping that these few
lines may find you injoying
the same Blesing all of your
fathers familey is all well as far as
I now I have nothing vary
strang to Rite times is hard
here now Every thing is high
at this tim Pork is selling at
from 12 ½ to 15 cents Per Pound and
hit is the Baleaf of most of Pople
that hit will bee when Drid from
30 cent to 35 cents will I heare thear
is likly to bee some fiteing about
Charleston I wante you to Rite to
mee whether you thinke theire
will bee or not I want you to Rite
the Gineral nus of the day there and
[page 2]
and how you all ar giteing
along with Camp life I heare thear
is agreat deal of sickness in camp
at this time I understand ther is
severel ware vessels about Charls
ton now I want you to Rite to
mee how [many?] Guns you have Got and
what sort tha ar and what you
yet lack I want you to be
shure to Rite this I want to now
wheather I think that you Can [1]
hurte the yankeys or not I am
afraid you cant do much for the [2]
yankeys If tha come If you cant
s[h]oot you must jage them tha cant [3]
stand that when you Git the yankeys
subdued you may Come up and
see the Girls tha ar as prity as
Ever you must Excus my
short Epistle I will Rite more
next time I want you to Rite
to me as soon as you Git
this letter I Reced your confed
[page 3]
Ret letter wich had severl
pages tel David to Rite soon
his mother has Rote to him
and I will not Rite now I
will Rite soon he spoke of
Going to masoura or to
caintuckey I want you to
Rite to me what is your
notion for leaving hear and
all aboute the war matters
Tel washington to Rite to
me he said hee wood Rite
tel John Neavs to Rite to me
and D B Niclas to Rite and
henly Mcmillian to Rit two
I wante you all to Rite to
me so I will Come to a
Close by saying I want to
hear from all awer boys
I s[t]ill Remain yours and
James M. Bailey to
William P Neavs

  1. “I” mistake for “you”?
  2. do for = damage, destroy, injure
  3. jage = stab
January 30, 1862


Residence (County): 
Greenville County, SC


Co. A (later Co. H), 3rd Battalion, Palmetto Light Artillery
Second Lieutenant
Residence (County): 
Greenville County, SC


From State: 
South Carolina
From County: 

Transcription/Proofing Info

Michael Ellis
Transcription Date: 
March, 2013
Michael Ellis
Proof Date: 
March, 2013

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