Grenville District S C
Feb the 13th in 1862
Dear Cousins and Friends
I am well as common and hope these lines
may reach you in due time and find you
all well. I wrote you a letter some time
back I never heard whether you got it
or not My school is out I finished it last
friday I am at John Waters writing this
The people are generly well as fare as I
know. Mamma says tell you she wants to
see you all know how you are and how you fare
Cinda says tell you she has not for gotten
you if she can not see you and would be glad
to hear from you at any time.
William I want you, John, David Nicoll
Henley, and Wash all to write Mr A Mitchell
a letter a piece and not pay the Posteage as
he hates to pay it so bad, I wish he could
get a dozen to pay on at once.
We have had two fine day lik spring if it
would continue till the first april people
would begin to get their work up with
the times. I hear the yankees have taken
a fort in Tenn. it looks like they want
[page 2]
to run between all the states and
destroy all the bridges and rail roades,
so our men can not get from one state
to an other. O, I for got John Stroud
and Polly Ann came to our house
last sunday he says he is going back
to camps as soon as he gets able.
It is getting dark I must close all
write soon farewell for this time

A A Dill
To his Friends in camps

South Ca[r]olina Greenvill Dist
Febeuary 14th in 1862
Mr, W,M Neaves Dear Sir I tak the pleasure of drop
ing you a fue lnes to in fom you that I am well
as commond hoping this may find you in joying
the same blessings will I red a leter from you afue
days a goe & was glad to hear that you was well
& doing well I saw you was a grate fisher I woould
lik goe withe you a time or twoe & get some off
them big flat fish 2 or 3 woould make [1]
me a mess if you get more than you can Eat
[page 3]
Send up a barel or 2 Wil you sed Something a bout
me coming down ther & Join your companey
I woould lik to doe soe but I noe that I caint stand it
on foot on the account of my nee I had rather be in
your companey than aney foot companey I noe off
but I noe it is no use for me to try it on foot
I have bin trying to get off in a caverley com[pany]
Some time & started one time & got as fur as Spa
rting burg courthous & had to come back on the
account of a horse I was to have a hors ther but
fail to git it I was going with Capt Deane of
Spartinburg he has bin up since they went
in to camp & I tried to get of with him but
we cold not git narey hors that Suited him
So I have give it out & are going to stay at hom
a while longer Will give my love & Respects
to all the boys J P Neaves David Bailey
D B Nicol J Nicol J Robertson J H Mckmilon
G W Neaves tel them al to Rit to me tell
D B Nicol that I heard of his leter but I never
Saw it tel him to Rit to me and let me hear
from him one time more tel him it wont
tak him long to Rit one leter
[page 4]
Well Wil I doant noe that I have aney
thing nore to Rit I waunt you to Rite
to me soone & let noe how you all are giting
on also rite wher you exspect to goe when
you moove Wil I waunt you to Rite how
mutch you waye without fail
I forgot Say to you Capt Fuller has com
home he got home the 11th of this in I doant noe [2]
how longe he is going to stay I saw your pap
coming from ther yesterday Eavning
B F Pool & Seth & J A Dil are all sick I herd
from John Dill yesterday morning he was beter
tha think ther time will [be] out 24th March & then
thae are bound for home Soe I wil close
by saying Rit Soone yours truley
J W Waters to W P Z F Neaves
W P Z F Neaves

And M[?]s Rite one & all

  1. flat fish = flounder
  2. in = instant, the present month
February 13, 1862


Residence (County): 
Greenville County, SC
Co. E, Hampton Legion, 2nd South Carolina Cavalry
Residence (County): 
Greenville County, SC


Co. A (later Co. H), 3rd Battalion, Palmetto Light Artillery
Second Lieutenant
Residence (County): 
Greenville County, SC


From State: 
South Carolina
From County: 

Transcription/Proofing Info

Michael Ellis
Transcription Date: 
March, 2013
Michael Ellis
Proof Date: 
March, 2013

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