Sullivan Island S C
Oct the 21 1861
Dear Father
I seat my self with the
opportunity of writing once
more to you I am well to
Day excepting cole i have
A very bad cole at present
excepting that I am healthy
& hearty I hope when thes
lines reche you that they may
fined you all well & enjoying
good health I havent much
nuse to write this time
only Majer Miller reached
this place yesterday & toled
us A good deal of nuse from
Pickens which was very intersing
to us for wee never get no
nuse from their nor no leters
or but very few & when wee
get them there is no nuse hardly
though it would gret satisfaction
[page 2]
to no if it is possible that i
could get one every week
from you I could read it
with the grates plesure in
the world but i dont expect
you to write once A week
but if posible write once
every two or three any how
& if you cant write that
often write one once A
Month I go to the ofice evry
after noon but find no leter
neither from you nor my frindes
whichte I have wrote you several
leters father this makes the
[????] leter [I have rote to?] you
&got [????] [one ancer?] & that
was about A mounth ago though
ill not get out of hearth ill write
to you once A week whether
you write to me or not father
I uncle Thon yesterday & he is
[??] & enjoying good health
[page 3]
father i want you to
save every leter that
you get from me & take
special care of them as you
would of A note & also write
to me how many you have got
from me in your next leter
father if you only get my
salt it will be one of the grates
accomadation or present rather
you ever got in life is now
worth tin Dollars A sack
in Charleston & cant hardly
be got at any price several
of the boys went over to town
yesterday to get salt & came
back & said thay couldnt
get mor it wasent their to get
so A stich in tim saves nine
& one good ded diserves A
nother so i think ill send
some Money next time
so tern over
[page 4]
father I heard the salt had
got to walhala & i want
you to if you havent got
it inquire it & be serten
& get it if posible
father wee are locking for
A fight hear every day
& i think if the yankes lands
on this Island I think they
will get one the best
whiping they ever got
father they was another
Company came to this place
this week & go into Regt Ment
it was from Abevile they
will be three others campanig
hear in about two or three
weeks I Must clos please
excuse my bad writen &
compose leter nothing more
at present I Remaines your
Most lovely sone untill
Death Wm. T. Martin
Oliver Martin

October 21, 1861


Col. F, 1st Regiment, Orr's Rifles, South Carolina Volunteers
Residence (County): 
Pickens County, SC


Residence (County): 
Pickens County, SC


From State: 
South Carolina
From Municipality: 
From County: 


To State: 
South Carolina
To County: 

Transcription/Proofing Info

Jennifer Fields
Transcription Date: 
October, 2008
Michael Ellis
Proof Date: 
November, 2008

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