Oct 27th 1861
South Carolina
Pickens District
Dear Son I take the preasent
oppertunty to write you a line, we are all well
I hope & trust though the Blessings of the
Almity that these lines may fined you & the rest
of the Boys well I have not any interesing news
to write you but I will write you what I have
I Recived the Salt you Sent me, it coust $1.20,
Sack carage wich is $1.55 cheper than bying it
up here the neighbores are well as fare I no of
old Mr James Sanders is Dead he Died last Sunday,
I understand that Mr J Myers Miss S Miller is
going to marry next week I am done geathring
corn I made about 24 loads I think Ill have
200 hundred bushel I want to shuck tomorw
eavnig Frank is done geathreing hes all but
his newgoun he made 15 of Loads of Corn
James Mr Fontain [load?] Two I want to commence sowing
wheat next week If I can get ready
I have all my corn to take care of & Pottatoes
& Mrs Casey corn to hall, I have more
workd to do than I can get through withe
right Soon I want to Sow Ten Bushels of
wheat, It is thought that the volenteers in
this Section will have to Leave the 10th.. of
next month I understand that they are coming
down thur I have Learnt that Dandys Company
has got in to Orrs Reg their is good
maney of your acquantces volenteerd Since you
Left this Country I dont no that you have heard
I will name Some of them Dandy Co W. W. Stribling
W Mose J Breurr., T..W. Talleson, Wm.. Graham
James Burns, Jo S.. J. Sanders D Sanders J Sanders
J. Rewton, F McDand, C. Armstorng, D. Nimmons
O Cornwells C [?] R[????] P Martin
[second page]
your uncal g.t.s. Buchanan was up at our to
See us Last week he is Liveing at Wm.. Buchanan
at this time he talks of comining up here to stay
while If he dont get Bysne nito Bisnys that
he can Live at, Our Connection in Anderson wer all well
except your Aunt Margaret She [was] struck with the Dead
Palsey Some time ago but was getting Some better
Claudeous W. Horenden & T Glenn was going to sa[?]
to Verginia Last Monday, your Aunt R.. A. Glenn
is Still no better in heer mind & I am fraied
never will be, I Received Your Letter to day wich
gave me great Sattisfaction to here from you wonce
more [I] want you to write to me wonce week if you can & write
all the important news I want you to be carfull
with your heath & be carfull about Eating too much at
time we want to Send some provisions to you the first oppertunty
Mr Dalton & Franklen is going to seend some time
Soon Give My Compliments to all inquiring Frends
Ill add no more at preasent But Remains Your Loving
Farther Untill Death Oliver Martin
Wm.. T.. Martin
Oct 31st Dear Son I Send you fue more
Lisns. we are well at this time I expected to
Send you this Letter with Mr H Houghs but
he has bin Sick by that I get disapointed of
Sending it by hand & I expect to maiel it I
have not aney important news to write only our gener[al]
Muster comes off tomorrow, & I understand their
is caul for more volenteers but I think it is
bad chance for aney more in this Section,
I have get all my Cribed we made pretty fair
Crop for the Seeson I thik we will have enough
do us I thik that corn is going to be verry high
it is thought pourk will be 124 cts per pound
Bacon is know 50 cts per pound I am Fatning 7
hogs hogs is verry scearce in this cuntry I am of
the apinion that we are just beginion to See hard
tims some peopel are sellin ther corn 50 per bushel
[new page?]
Dear Brother
I preasant oprotunity writing a fiew lines to
you I am well I hope that thes fiew lines
you well we receive your letr to day I was
glad hear from you I hav been at three
Big Meeting in this Month the first sunday
I was [at] a sosatincon at hopewell the Second
sunday the Tird sunday at return I saw all
our old neighbor tell Jackson Dalton and Jessy
thay I saw his brther and moter was toilerbol well you wrote to me to
now when Mink and Frank was going to mary
I dont know wheather atall or not he gose
thear yet but he talks of going off bfore long
the yong men is nearly all gone I dont thank
that thear will be Mtch mrry untill times
changes far the beter orr wors one octobrer
Tell all thes Boys houdy for me tell them
that I hant for got thim yet and you
to I wold be the gladis in the world I saw
M A Dalton and H Dalton last sunday
thas jest like allis I hant hever been their
Since thear mother died M E Martin
Wm.. T. Martin
[new page]

W Oct the 31 1861
Dear Brother
I get the preasent oportunity of droping you A few
more lines wee are all well we have got hour corn haul in
and shucked up we made A cornshucking last Monday night and
A Tuesday Mourning we went down to hour old place and
shucked up that corn and a Tuesday night me and Ann
went to Mrs Dalton tell Jackson and Jesse that all of
their folkes was well but the baby was not well it
was mity sicke that night we was thear Cornelia
I want you to Tell all the boy houdy for her
I will bid you all farewell you friend Till
Death W T Martin E J Martin

N..B.. Littel John Freeman wants you to [1]
Send Him Some Sea Shels you can Send them
By som person that is paking he locks well
& harty Littel fellow he went to School 62 days
& Learnt Verry fast but I am fraied that he will
forgit all he learnt before we have the cance to Send
to School ageain Mr.. Penneys School is out & Tallesons
is out Ill will add no more at
peasent but Remains your Loving
Farther untill Death
Oliver Martin
Wm.. T. Martin
[Cinzy?] sends her best
love to you all

  1. the youngest sibling, John F. Martin, age six
October 27, 1861


Residence (County): 
Pickens County, SC
Residence (County): 
Pickens County, SC
Residence (County): 
Pickens County, SC


Col. F, 1st Regiment, Orr's Rifles, South Carolina Volunteers
Residence (County): 
Pickens County, SC


From State: 
South Carolina
From County: 


To State: 
South Carolina
To County: 
To Note: 
Sullivan's Island

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October, 2008
Michael Ellis
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November, 2008

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