South Carolina Nov.. 29th.. 1861
Pickens Dist Dear Son I imbrace
preast oppertunity of writing fue lines to
Let you know how we are geting on wee
are all well at this time & I hope and trust
withe the Blessings of the Almity that lines
may fined you well & dooing well I have not
not much good news to write you the peopel are
getting to be verry much excited in maney
respects I think we are going the hadest time
if we live that we read of in the first place
the Specculaters are going to make us pay Two
& three prices for most evry thing we have to
buy the Millers are trying to buy all the corn
they can get at 50 cts per bush & then Sell thir wiskey
at $1.50 per galon their is a maney that has not
half enough to doo them but the misfortine
is they have get no meny to buy it withe
their is petisions out to Tax the stiles untille war
is over Salt is $5.00 per bush their is good many
peopel that has not get Salt & they cant get it
you want to know made out about getring in our
crop Frank & myself me & Mr Graham
togetherd & the Children helped what they could
& get along verry well we finished shucking
our corn to Day down at Franks the rent
& all we made at home we made about 3.50
bush you wanted to know how the lettel oxcens
dous they work verry well wat to winterd
them well if I can but I want to saving of my
corn I to sell 1.00 bush
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you wanted me to Send you ours ages
I was born 29th Dec 1817 your Mother 21
Dec 1823 Mary E Nov 30th 1844 Elizebeth Dec
7th 1846 Anna June 30th 1849 John Freeman
May 27th 1855 & your mother Died 13th Nov 1857
your Stepmother is going make you pare
pantalons & I want the gerles to knit you
gloves & socks wool is verry hard to get you
will have to have new youniform before a great
while I expect I want you to write how
how your cloths is holding out they are so
high dow thier we can do better up here
Elijah Dunlap is verry low he come withe the
Vesels & they never get them booke out verry
well & they think he is taking the Fever at
this time I have bin to see him wonce the
Second day after he came home but he was
So Low he could not talk much John H[ure?]
came home Sick the other day & I understand
he is verry Low Jane Dixson is verry Low at
this time withe Fever the Sale at Mr Daltons
is the 18th of Dec I understand they are going
buy the most of property if dont bring
worthes I am quite don Sowing wheat yet
I am sowing some Ten bush I want to Sow
good deal of oats I dont know whether Mrs
Casey is going to stay on our place or not I
rether have Some person their to wrk the
Land Frank is going to stay their I bring this
to close tell Jackson & Jese howdy for me
Ill add nomore at preasent but Remains
your Farther untill Death
Wm.. T.. Martin Oliver Martin

Dear Brother I take the oportunity of writeing
A fiew lines to you I ant well my Self I
haf got A Bad cole but I hope whin thes
lines reach you thay may find you well I
got the carpet Sack and was glad to get it I
am powlful much A bides to you for sending
it to me I will nit your socks for you if I
can I Saw Marthy Brooks day before yestrday
She was well and [???] about you I hant
got Mutch nus to write to you but if I could
see you I could tel youmore than I can write
to you I want you to sind me and Elis some
plats of palmeto and stars I remain your sistr unt
deat M E M Wm Dear Brother I am well this
Mourning I have had A verry bad cold but I am
pretty near well I must Tell you first thing of my
ride yesterday I rid Jenny from franks home they say
Elijah Dunlap is verry low I am sorry that I cant get to
go to see him I hant got time to write much I want
you to send me A plametto plat I wnt it long enought
to reach A round your rist Tell Jackson & Jesse that
I wish that they could at home Chrismas to see some
more fun A going to franks to fetch chicking they have
got A lot of chicking and you to excuse any bad writing
E J Martin Wm T Martin

And sair to sind her som some polnst to M[?]

November 29, 1861


Residence (County): 
Pickens County, SC
Residence (County): 
Pickens County, SC
Residence (County): 
Pickens County, SC


Col. F, 1st Regiment, Orr's Rifles, South Carolina Volunteers
Residence (County): 
Pickens County, SC


From State: 
South Carolina
From County: 

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Jennifer Fields
Transcription Date: 
October, 2008
Michael Ellis
Proof Date: 
November, 2008

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