Sullivans Jan,. 15th 1862
Island No. 3
S.. C.
Dear Father
I Seat My Self this Morning to Drope you
A few Lines I Received your kind Leter
whitch you Sent by Mr Allen Last knight
you wrote that you was all well whitch I was
powerful Glad to hear of Father I am well at
this time hoping throw the blesing of God that
those Lines May Reach you in Dew time & fined you
al well & enjoying good health
I havent No News to write you of interest though
their is good News in the Camps but I am not able
to tell you what it is at present but will write in
My Next Leter ; you did Not write in your Leter
whether you had got the Leter or Not that I Send
by Mr Hull but I Suposed Not or you wood have
writen Something A bout it
Mr. L. W. Alen tells me that he Saw you but dide
Not Ask Any thing A bout any of us if you dide
he had forgoten ; if you dident Nor dident think
Enough of us to Ask A bout us I think you
care but Litle for us but I hope it Not to
be So ; this is My third Leter to you for this year
[page 2]
Jan 16th 1862
Dear Father I Seat My Self this Morning to
write to you A gain I am well this Morning
& it is A Reigning this Morning & has A Very
Good appearance to be A wet Day
the boys is all generaly well except Jackson Dalton
he was taken yesterday withe cole, Last knight he
was out of his head, & was very bad but it is to
be hoped that he will get beter in A few Days
whitch I think he will if he is well taken Care of
Father I expect to Send this Leter by Danul
Hull if he gets to go home in A few Days whitch
if Nothing hapens he will;
you wrote that your Country is geting in A
Distracted Situation on the Acount of Spectulators
you Say that they Make you pay two & three prices
for your produce that is the case hear we have to pay
three or four prices for our Nessisissarys
Father if I had it in My pouer I wood help you
out but as it is I will do the best I Can for you
I want to when we Draw Money to Send you
Some fiften or twenty or twenty five Dollars to
pay your taxis; I will Close for this time
Oliver ... Martin Wm.. T. Martin
[page three]
Jan 17th 1862
I Seat My Self to write to you A gain
I am well to day & hoping that you are well
Father I havent No important News to write you
to Day I wrote on the other page that their was
good News in the Camps I have Lernd Sinc what
it is the good News is that Next week they will
be five Ferlows that is five Men Ferlowed out of
each Company that is good News hear the best that
is or that can be Started hear I think in My Next
Leter that I will be able to tell you when I will
be at home if Nothing hapens whitch I dont think they
will be times is tolible fare Now at present as fare
as has bin Since we have bin hear
the boys is all well except Jackson Dalton & he is
beter than he was A good deal beter than he was
the boys all Sends their Respects to you & they also
tells Mee to tell you to write to them & Give them
all the News I will Bring My Short Leter to A
Close Give My Respects to all incuiring Friens
& except the Sam to your Self I Send this Leter
by Dan Hull & when he coms back write to Me
I Remains your Soon until Death
Oliver Martin Wm.. T. Martin

January 15, 1862


Col. F, 1st Regiment, Orr's Rifles, South Carolina Volunteers
Residence (County): 
Pickens County, SC


Residence (County): 
Pickens County, SC


From State: 
South Carolina
From Municipality: 
From County: 


To State: 
South Carolina
To County: 

Transcription/Proofing Info

Jennifer Fields
Transcription Date: 
October, 2008
Michael Ellis
Proof Date: 
November, 2008

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