Camp Near Green Pounds Jan 29 / 65
Dear wife & Children
I imbrace the preasent oppertunity of writing
to you wonce more to let you know how
I am coming on by this time Ill Say to
you that I am not verry well for Several days
I was taken last tuesday Night something
like Collermorbous & my Bowls has bin
runing off ever since but I am abel for
duty I was out on pickett yesterday & Last
night I hope & trust to the
Almity that these fue lines may fined
you all well & doing well
I am in great deal of troubel of not
geting know late letters from home I
have not get know word from home since
A Graham Came down hear I write evry
week but Cant get know ancers as yet
but I stille am in hopes that you write
evry week but I dont get know ancers
Ill say to you that it was our Betalions
lot to go on pickett yesterday & it was
verry Cold day & Capt Dicksons Co
was on the addvance line & they had
verry hot time almost all day withe the
[page 2]
it is the dangerous post on the line
our Co had that post last tuesday
Major Balengers Bat is on pickett
to day they are fireing at eatcth other now
we have verry good posision at this pount
but I am affraid we will have to
give this pount up but Ill say to
to you that theire is some old vetren
Souldiers not fare off that is
Trenholms squadren & Kershaws Bregade
their was dispatch sent to this pount last
Night for Capt Hays Co to Repourt to
Trenholmes squadren this morning at
Jonesbourow that is but five milles fome
this pount I am in hopes they
have come to relieve us I am in hopes
if I live I will Sea Some of my
old acquaintances before long
I long to see J. A. Mawlden as well
as others you can tell Bro Mawlden
if jimy dont come home I shall
lock for him down hear before long
Kershaws Bregade is fue milles
above us on this same River
they have bin their two weeks & their
is good maney of these old men
has sons their but I dont expect
they will not get the chance to go sea them
[page 3]
Ill Say to you that I saw good maney houses
burning yesterday that is auffuel
afair to sea to sea peopels property
distrured in eny such way
I am fraied that I will not have the
to come home soon I have writen
to you to try & get me Detaiel
if you can I want you try & get Rev
T. B.. Mawlden to attened to it for
you I want you if you if
have the chance to send me bottel
of Calf Meadicen as I have had [1]
Calf allmost ever since I have bin
in Camps & I think it gets worse &
I think it is ingern my Lunges
make it of the same mateirel that
you fix for Mrs Foster
Ill say to you that we hav had
verry hard time since we have bin in
Camps but we at this time getting
littel more to eat but it is verry
uncertain how long it will last
Capt McGee has bin in command
this week & he has let the men
Forage more then the old Major
we have bin getting Mutten & Beef
pretty plenty he had d[r]ove of Sheep
d[r]ove up yesterday
[page 4]
Jan 30th / 65 Dear wife & Children
I imbrace the oppertunity to write you
fue lines more I am well as comon to
day but verry much fatiegued we
just came frome the brest works we
have bin out for Two days & nights
I hope these lines fined you well & doing well
Ill say to you if Brother T. B..
Mawlden Comes down to sea jimy
I will be glad you will send me
some thiges by him I say to you
that have just recicesion for som [2]
close namely Coat & pants & socks
& shoes you nead not send me
thing of that kind but I want
you to send me some more tobacco
some more paper one pair socks
[page 5]
& my mantel that I need verry
to were around my neck & some
soap , I seen Mr Burket form
Kershaws Bregade I heard fome good
maney of my old acqutences to day
I understand they looking for Big
Battel Salt Ketcher & we are looking
for one at this place I dont kow as
have eney thing more to write at
this time I hope that I hear from
you soon Children I want you all
to to be good Children & mined
you Mother & be industreous &
Carfull dont get out heart
& also My Dear Wife you the same
I have bin verry unwell but I have bin
on my post most all most all the time
never want to do like some of
men dune yesterday quit their
post & go to the Yankeys but I may
be taken prisners we had two men
wounded yesterday one in the knee
& the other in the hand my pen is verry
bad Ill come to close
I Remaine your Loving Husban
& Farther
Oliver Martin & Elisbeth

  1. Calf = cough
  2. requisition
January 29, 1865


Residence (County): 
Pickens County, SC


Residence (County): 
Pickens County, SC


From State: 
South Carolina
From County: 
From Note: 
Camp near Green Pond


To State: 
South Carolina
To County: 

Transcription/Proofing Info

Jennifer Fields
Transcription Date: 
October, 2008
Michael Ellis
Proof Date: 
November, 2008

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