Ala Talapoosa Conty Oct 1863
my Dear Husband I seat my self this
even in order to you kind an affection
letter which came safe to hand an found
you swett lettle children an my self
in good health an I truly hope these few
lines may com safe to hand an find
you in the best of god blessing I was
seting dow a looking at one of you last
letters you roat you me when white
came with this kind an lovely letter
an I tell you I made things fly tell I
got to read it I am so glad to hear that
you got back to pollard safe it give me
me much joy but it makes me feal sad
to think you have bin gon so long from
me an still the is no chanch for you to
com an see me yet it is hard if it is
fare and I dont think it is fare but if
the lord spares my life I in tend to see
you in the corse of too ore thre week
I have staded as long as I can I am going
to dig my potatos an put them a way an
make my dress and I am a coming
if the lord spars my life an I ceap my
health if you cant com see me in that
time I am bound to see you for it seems
[page 2]
lik you has bin gon a year Aley is
setten ane the table maken all the
fuss she can I ask hir what I must
rite to par for hir she ses tell him
she wants to kiss him par I wosh you
cold see hir she is the pretes an swetes
baby you ever saw she can sing eney thing
she trys to sing amon is at his grand mars
whar he wants to live I most quit an
milk it is getten dark I wold give all I am
worth to be with you to night and
my Dear harris I will now try an finish
my letter you wish to no if I got them
things old captain smith brought yes I
did he brought a bag and walet and [??]re
an soap an them plught of tobaco I sent
to you and you hanckercheef i sent to you
I thought by you senden them you was
coming home Dear harris I am goen to
have old pide kill this even I wont kipt [1]
more than a quarter of hir an sell the
balence of hir par an white will kill
hir Dear harris Jerry an gren ses bulley
is in danger the say the govement will
get him Jerry is at home yet he has
bin at home most ever since you left he
him an grenn both wants you with them
[page 3]
grenn ses you must run
a way an come home and go up thar
whar he is he ses he rether have you a
long with him then eney body he nose
of I spok to Jerry to by me som corn he
was going to get him self som a bout
seven miles the other side of tallisee
he ses the man has got too thousan bauchel
for sail at too dollars a bous I think I
had better by fifty bouch the is not
but lettle mast this year and I have bin [2]
kept aup my old sow moust ever since
you left home she got in yor mar fild
an I put hir up an then I let her out an
then she got in you mars potato patch
an I have got hir up now I wish some
times she was ded and [noded?] and papy
brought won of my hogs home the other
day tore all to peases by som bodys dogs
and I have got hit up too harris homspon
is selling at one doller ayeard confedrit
money is going down the think it will
not be eney a count now soon harris
I went to nosalga to get you lether an
beasus lovis did not have hit ready for
me he sed he wold sent it out by Mr
birks mr birks has sold that place whar
[page 4]
papy lines an now he has to bild he sold
it to Sam birks the old man is not
able to bild but he will have it to do a
be put out of dose Dear harris when I com [3]
I ame going to bring Amon with me he
wants to see you so bad I dont think it
wold do to come an see you an leave him
he wold kill his self a crying olord I
wish it was to day I had to start I cant
wate it seames rite me what you think
a bout me coming and if I cam you must
get me a rome at some one house so I
can see my pleser with you while I
stay I am going to bring you a slise py w[hen?]
I come I want to com be for I get to big so
you can hugh me good I am geten prety
bigh around I am a fread you cant get you
armes around me any Dear harris to birn
up this letter when you read it I am a fred
som body mite get holt of it o how I wist
I was with you now I wold eat a pease of you
I will have to see you be fore long if I
have to walk rite if you think you will
stay thar or not com soon if you can an
rite soon I rite ever week but you dont think
I do I must close good by my Dear Malinda Avere
to my Dear husban Malinda Averrett
Mary is with me Amon ses he has got
his knife yet

  1. pide = pied, the name of the hog
  2. mast = fallen acorns and chestnuts
  3. dose = doors?
Date Note: 
October 1863


Name Variant: 
Residence (County): 
Tallapoosa County, AL


Co. B, 55th Alabama Infantry
Residence (County): 
Tallapoosa County, AL


From State: 
From County: 

Transcription/Proofing Info

Rebekah Fitzgerald
Transcription Date: 
April, 2011
Michael Ellis
Proof Date: 
April, 2013

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