Camp Bradford near
Huntsville October 27th 1861
Dear Brother
I this Evening take
the plasear of Writing you afew lines
Which leaves me in good healthe at prese
nt Tom has got the mumps & is
a getting along Very well John Warner is
Some better we heard from him last
Knight I think he will get well Soon
he is treated Just as Well as if he was
at Home he Was unwilliam to gow
to the Hospittle & We Carried him to a Hotell
Tobe & Tom has got our Close I was
glad to get them I drawd two Pars of Draws
I have got aplenty of Close now More
than I have got any use fur now ir I mean
if I Should gow on a march We will leave
hear before many days We ar going to
gap in the Coummling Mountains
in Tenisee it is about five hundred
miles from hear in the upper end of
Tenisee next to up near the line of
Cantucker & Missourie & you may
Know that it is as Coald as fewery
there We will receive our Armes this next Week
Rifles & Muskets & we have Chois
Wee will haf to march one Hundred
& ten Miles with our guns & Knap
sacks they Say that we Will Receive
our Pay before we leave hear but
I dutit Tobe you Wrote that it [1]
was hard times there I have had
[page 2]
hard times at Home I expect that
times is trying times there & their was
now money there You Could not gt any
money Know I did Want Some
at that time but I Can do mty Well
at this time their is now money in this
Company I am not alone fore the
rest of the Boys is in the same fix
sow donot trouble bother you self for me
Tobe I have got the best Violent in the [2]
Regment Jo JacKson ses it is worth
one Hundred dollars: it is the
It is the generality among the Boys
ar Home sick they dnt like the
idiear of going to the Coumbling
gap of Tenisee for theiy ar not accustom
to such Coald wether but as for
me I donot Cear Which way they Cary
me I dont Know that I would Shed
many tear s if they Was to start me tords
with Home I have Just receive your
Letter you never stated wther Ben
& George Was gon in Camps yet
if they aint tell them to Stay at Home
I have bin sarrow that George did not
Join this Company as long as he was
sow eager to gow Bens healthe is not
sow good as George Tobe I was very sar
row to hear of Mis Eveline Bunnsen
death She was a young Lady that I
hilly Estteemed Tobe I wish I could
be at Home awhile with you
I Could interrest you very much
[page 3]
I think Bill Tucker has Backit this Letter
for me & put the Confederet rusters
tale on it & Write to him Soon for he
is a going to give you hel Jim Warner
Wants me to give you his best respects
& ses you must Write to me sim Some
rainy day or the first idle chance you get
H J Guy sends his Best Respect
to you & Write to him Jo Jackson sends
his best respects to you all & tells
for George to Write to me soon
Tobe you mus Kep that Land
unntell I return if I ever do
tel pap to Maik Courn & rais meat
& not to bother With Cotton much
maik Cotton anoug to maik Clo
athen tell Eli Whitaker to rickolect
What I told him abut planting sow
m Cotton in place of Courn
this Spring & now he Cant get any
thin for it now give my love to all inquir
n friends & tell George Hazard
to Write to me Perry is well I
believe & Well Satisfied tell Charley
Boon to excuse me for not Writing
to him that I Will do beter for
the future tell Challey to Stay at
home for he dnt Know nothing
as I have not Wrote much & have
penty of paper I will Close for
this time I Wissh to hear from you soon
I remain yours affecttion ate Brot
now & death J A Thrower To Mr S J Thrower
[page 4]
Mr S S Thrower
Dear Brother I this Knight
take the opportunity of addressing you
with you with a few lines Which leaves
me in fine health hoping this m[a]y find
you the Same Stphen I recon you
think that I dont Cear nothing for
you as I never Write to you I havent
had any paper for some time & I have bin
unwell for Some time I have not felt
like Writing to you Steve your healthe
is not very good You ought to study
[???] Steve you must rite soon
give my love to all the family & excep
t apotion ror your self Tom is
highly pleased with his dogs,
Steve the people ar not sow Patriotic
hear as they was at Cam[p] Johnson
it is the opinun of a gratmeny that
they ar abolitonist hear But they ar
afraid of our Regment in Huntsvill
one of our men has bin do[w]n there
& got in got in a fracus once or twice & wiped a half
dozen or more of them & they over powered him & put
him in the Calaboose & the agetent payed $50 & taken him
out our colonel has gone to town to get the money
back & says he will have it I recon if he failse
to get the the money theres some talk of taking the
too regiments down there and whipping the town
& if it be so I hope I will get a chance me & my
mess any how I heard of the little fuss they had
at Johnsons grocry I had no trumps then but I hope if
we play this little three up now at Huntsville
I will hold some trumps the ace Jack & duce
any how commense on the little sheet now
as paper is scarce
[page 5]
The reason we want to whip
these Huntsvill fellows they charge
us three prices for any thing we want
& moore than half of them are aboli
tionist any how they are afraid
of Tom Judge regiment any how they
call us Tom Judes devils
[I] Ne[e]d brogans Shoos they
Charge urs three Dollars
per Par Steve You must
Write Soon-
Direct your Letters
to Hunntsville Mattison
James N Thrower
To Mr S.S. Thrower
James N Thrower
Stephen S Thrower

  1. "Tobe” must be his brother’s nickname
  2. violin
October 27, 1861


Co. B, 14th Alabama Infantry
Residence (County): 
Lowndes County, AL


Co. I, 59th Alabama Infantry
Residence (County): 
Lowndes County, AL
Co. I, 59th Alabama Infantry
Residence (County): 
Lowndes County, AL


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Camp Bradford


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February, 2009
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March, 2009

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