Ca tossa Co Geo Aug 28 [1]
Dear wife I am not very well
at this time I would of rote
to you befour now but I was
not abel to right I have bin sick
with the fever a bought twenty
days I have mi[?????????????] [2]
days I am improoving fast though
I am very week yeat I never eat
any thing for a bought 20 days
my apetite is good anouf now
I was mity sick when John come
and I hardly learned any thing from
him the compny left in a few
days and he went with them he
told me you said if I wanted
any close to right I was very
pleas with my pants I want won
more pair of pants and a good coat
and I want it lined good and made
as warm as you can for this is a mity
cold windy county here be shore
and send my vest and I want them
wooling under shirt and drawers
[page 2]
I would be very well pleas with a
coat like my pants though if you
have got it [wove?] it will be all
right I have a plenty of shirts and
drawers I dont no how you will
[?????????????????????????????] [3]
the best you can it is very ni w[????]
here now if you cant send them I will
have to by there is a good meny
of our boys here sick though non
of them is bad off I am in hopes
this will find you and all well
I rote a letter by Spears and one
my mail I understand that you
have never got none of them you
have had severl good chances to
right and send it by hand and
I think you aut to of rote I have
not herd from [???] since I left I want
you to right as soon as you git this
and direct your letter to grays vill
Catoosa County geo I am week
and my hand trimbel I will close [???]
your husband till Deth Thomas T Bigb[??]

  1. Thomas may have made a mistake with the date since he writes about it being so cold
  2. page damaged at fold
  3. page damaged and unreadable at fold
August 28, 1862


Co. G, 33rd Alabama Infantry
Private, Sergeant
Residence (County): 
Dale County, AL


Residence (County): 
Dale County, AL


From State: 
From County: 


To State: 

Transcription/Proofing Info

Shiloh Peters
Transcription Date: 
April, 2012
Michael Ellis
Proof Date: 
April, 2013

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