Camp 33 Sept Regt Sept 22 (63
My Dear Wife
God has spaird me to right to you
one time more I am well and I truly hop that
this will finde you and all of your fathers
family well I received a letter from you a sundy
night and was glad to here that you was well
Dear Wife I am Just out of the titest place
that ever I have bin in wee have had a very
hard fight here on saterday and sunday I [1]
went through it un hurt it dos seem that
nothing but the finger a god could cary
a man through such a seen wee suferd a grate
deal on saterday wee got fore wounded Wynn
shot through the to[e] Austen and Daves finger
shot off Tally shot through the hand on sunday
one kilde R R Bush was kild George Bush
was wounded slightely with a peace of a bum
he was hit on the back or hip he can get a bought
Brane[?] was shot through the finger Dickson through
the hands on saturday even wee routed the
yanks and drove them two miles and on sunday
wee [??????] then [???] and [???] [2]
[page 2]
take them the first time late in the
evening wee drove them back from their
brest works and they left that night wee
have advanced five or six miles and it is said
that they are in full retret and I am in hops
that is so and I think that wee will keep
them a going wee have got a rein forcement
from verginia and i think that wee will
push them through wee lost a heepe of
men and they lost a heep also I walked over
some of the battle field and I seen at least
five of the enemy to one of our men but I
did not go over where the most of our men
was kild James Bush helpt to berry them
and he ses [the?] thinks that they got the most
men kild [???] he has a better chance to no
wee capturd seventy five or eighty peaces of
artilery and horses mules wagons and wee
made them drive their one peaces of artilery out
wee may have to fight again soon I cant
tell God has blest and protected me so far
and I pray that he may continue his pro
tection [each?] m [3]
[page 3]
Elbert Cotton is her I seen
him yesterday he is well and went
through the fight safe Joseph Callo
got wounded in the arm it is not
broke he is gon to the hospital brothe
Ben was taken prisner in pennvaner
I have not got a letter from Nancy
and Margaret in a long time I have ritting
you one letter since uncle Billy left
but I sepose you have not got it and
I have bin on the march so that I have not
had the chance to rite to you no oftiner
you wanted to no whether I could read
your letter or not I can read it I have
to read a heepe of mity bald riteing
I was proud to think that you would
try to rite your self rite me one ever
week and that will im prove your riteing
and ma bee once and a while I will git
one of them I am ancus to see
you then I could tell you a grate deal
I want to see you all cary this over
[page 4]
to ant Ann and let her read it
tell her and all of the rest of them
that I think of them often for I have
not time to rite to them and I have
n ider when I will git the chance to
mail this I am in the woods a setting
by a big post oke wee will leave here
this evening some time if you git
any chance this fall send me a soot of
winter close I give elbert a pair of
socks last nite wee have bin on the
pad for a month and I stand it very well
so fair tell Emily James is well and
went through safe LW is well he
went through saf give my best repts
to all I must close My Dear Wife
rember me and pray for me and if
wee never meet in this life may
wee meet in heaven I still remain
your Husband till Deth T T Bigbie
the Collons Boys is both all rite direct
your letter to Chattanooga and E Miller

  1. The Battle of Chickamauga occurred on September 19 and 20
  2. line partially obscured by wear
  3. damage to bottom of page
September 22, 1863


Co. G, 33rd Alabama Infantry
Private, Sergeant
Residence (County): 
Dale County, AL


Residence (County): 
Dale County, AL


From State: 


To State: 

Transcription/Proofing Info

Shiloh Peters
Transcription Date: 
April, 2012
Michael Ellis
Proof Date: 
April, 2013

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