In camps Nov 1 (63
Dear Wife this will inform you
that I am well and a gitting a long well
at this time and I hope this will finde
you all enjoying the same blesing I have
not heard from you in so long that
I hardly no how to rite to you the last
letter you rote I got the day after the fight I
got one old one sence that and I have riting sevel
since I shall have to scold a rite smart if
you dont rite oftimes lell got one yeasterday [1]
and I got one from ant ann and I looked in
vain for one from you I have a good chance
to send a letter to newton or daleville
by A Gillmond he is going home on a furlo [2]
and he ses that he will bring any thing back
that you have to send if you will send it
to newton or to Daleville he lives a bought
5 miles from Nancy I need one sute of close
but if you have not got a coat ready made you
need not send one my c[oat?] is to little for
me but I can draw one I recon send my
[ruf?] jacket I lost my vest and am with
out [any now?] I want my pants linde
[page 2]
it is a gitting mity cold up here
wee need thick warm close here if you
have them ready pa can cary them to him [3]
and he will bring them safe to me
there is severl gitting fur los now
Bragg has whiard an order that any one
that will git a recrute to join their
compiny that he will give them a
furloe for not excedn forty days and they
has severl ritting for the boys that is
nearly Eighteen to come tell Will
that I want him to stay at home
if he can and not to go to the ware
untill he is a bought eighteen no how
if he has to go I had rather that he
would come here waring is bald a nuf any
where but I had just a bought as live risk
it here as any where tell him not to go off
for no body just to git them home a little
while I would advise him as a
brother and had rather he would
stay at home if he can do it
[page 3]
onerbuly I dont recklet how
old he is and if he findes that he
will have to go to the ware and he
will come here I can git to come
home 30 or 40 days but I would not
have him to come for that unless he
hast to come any how Elbert has
bin in another fight but did not git
hurt Dave Small got kild it was
last tuesday they was severl kild
and wounded wee are a fairing
tolerbul well at this time wee
have a heepe of guard Deuty to do
wee stand picket in hunderd yds of
the yanks but wee have quit shooting
at each other it rains a most ever
day here but wee have got so wee stand
the rain pirty well I want to see
you all mity bald but I cant tell
when I git to see you a gain
this ware dont close fast there has
severl of our Regt diserted and I recon
and I recon gon home
[page 4]
but I think that is making
a bald matter worse for I never
could ly in the woods I am not
deceived in the ware it is just
what I expected it to be it is no
worse than I expected it to be when I
first started give your pap and mot
her my best love with all of the
the family my respets to all enquiring
friends and rite to me and direct
your letter to chattanooga and if
I should leave still direct it to
chattanga until I rite to you to dir
ect them some where else in dont make [4]
any deferenc whethe they ar directed
to any place or not for our letter dont
go to any post office they follo the [company?]
let it go where it will I must close
for this time I still remain your
Husband till Deth TT Bigbie
To MJ Bigbie

  1. lell = his brother Lewellen
  2. Pvt. Ambrose Gillman of Co. G
  3. him = Ambrose Gillman
  4. in = it?
November 1, 1863


Co. G, 33rd Alabama Infantry
Private, Sergeant
Residence (County): 
Dale County, AL


Residence (County): 
Dale County, AL


From Note: 
In camps


To State: 

Transcription/Proofing Info

Shiloh Peters
Transcription Date: 
April, 2012
Michael Ellis
Proof Date: 
April, 2013

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