Tunnill Hill Ga Feb 13 1864
Dear Wife I this morning take the
oppertunity of riteing you a few lines
which will inform you that I am well
and a gitting a long a bought as common
and I truly hope that this few lines
will come safe to youand [?????????] [1]
enjoying the same blesing I have nothing
hardly to rite to you but I will rite a
little because I no that you will expect
a letter from me I have just bin
out three days a hunting for some
diserters their was seven of our comp
diserted a few nights ago and the cornel
sent fir me and give me a horse
and sent me with some men after
them I was gon three days and I
had a fine time and faird
first rate I just got back late yeas
terday evening so I have not had time
to rite much to you [this?] time LW
has got a furlogh and is a going to start
in a few minits and he can tell you
a grate deal more than I can rite to you
I have not got a letter from you since
GD Bush come back I am a gitting very
ancus to here from you and to here
how you air all a gitting a long at home
I got no news from George nor Jim
Bush though I have never trid to get
any news from them
[page 2]
I have thought that I would git to come
home some time this spring but I dont see
much chance at this time them fellaws
diserting has stoped the furloing fer a whill
if not all of the time is seems to be an
unavoidibul sircumstance that the inisant
must sufer fer the guilty that I am a
fraide that some of them will have
to suffer a penilty that no body can
suffer for them if they air caught
L W will carry you this letter and
he can tell you a heep more than
I can rite to you I am verry ancus
to see you again and I am in hops that
I will git to see you some time you must
do the best that you can I will come as
soon as I can never will you see me
ling in the woods when you see me
you shall see me hold my head up
I will be a man or I will not be at
tall a nuf of this subject Give your
father and mother my best love and respets
and tell them that I want to see them
with all of the children rite to soon and
rite me a lette that it will take me a long
time to read I am sure that it will take you
[some time?] to read this for it is ritting in hast rit
soon and often remember me in your prayrs I
still remain your Husband truly and
efectinately till Deth T T Bigbie
to His Wife M J Bigbie

  1. rest of line obscured by fold
February 13, 1864


Co. G, 33rd Alabama Infantry
Private, Sergeant
Residence (County): 
Dale County, AL


Residence (County): 
Dale County, AL


From State: 
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Transcription/Proofing Info

Shiloh Peters
Transcription Date: 
April, 2012
Michael Ellis
Proof Date: 
April, 2013

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