Dalton Ga
March 12 “ 1864
Dear Wife I this morning
take the oppertunity of riteing
you a few lines which will inform
you that I am well and I truly
hope that this will come safe
to hand and finde you enjoying
the same blesing I have but little
news to rite to you at this time LW
has got back I received the letter that
you sent by him I have sent up two
furlows and has not got ary one yet
if I had of had justus I should haf
bin at home at this time the first one
was sent back on account of the little
fuss wee had up here wee did not get
a man in our regt kild nor wounded
cearlessness in the oficers kept me from
sending [a?] nother in time and their
has sence diserted [??] their is a bald
chance fir me to git a furlough this
spring I am very ancus to see you but I cant
tell when I will git to see you
[page 2]
you cusin Wash Peacock has come to
this regt he got here day before yeasterday
he ses they air all well up their tell will
that if he wants to come here he had better
come on fer he will have to go some where
soon if he ant all ready gone it loocks
like nearly every boddy will
have to take a hand in this ware that
can I am sory to here that my place is
burnd up but if wee can onley escape
deth in this ware I think that wee
will be verry forchinate and I think
that wee can live afterwardes a
few wordes a bought your money you had
better try and send it and have it redeemed
if not redeemed in one year it is not worth
any thing only for a [thum?] paper money
wont buy any thing hardly here if you have
no chance to do anything with it send it to me and I will
try and do something with it my best respet and love
to you father and mother and all of the children rite [?]
I am glad to see that you improve in riteing so I am your
Husband till Deth to MJB T.T.Bigbie
[page 3]
L W ses that will sais that he
wants to come here if he has to
go to the ware so I will send him
a discript tive list so that he can come
without it costing him any thing
if he is at home and he wants to
come tell him to go to generl Shiels
at ft Gains and he will give him
transpertation here even if he has
reported at neuton he can come here if
he wants to I send him a list as
though he was all ready enlisted
if he dont come he can tair up the
list I understand that Governer
Watts has orderd all from 16 to 50
in the sirvus I want Will to do as he thinks
best and as his pa and mother sais for
I am not calqulated to advise him
for I dont no what is the best in this
ware wee can only take things as they
come wee dont no what is best till the
time has past
[page 4]
tell Warren that I have got
a rite smart of led if I could
git a chance to send it to him
it is so heave that I cant git it
carried easy if it was not fir
the waite of it I could send him
4 or 5 pounds the boys has to walk
from ft Gains and they have more to
carry than they can well carry if
there is any chance to git the orched
finced try and git it finced in
may be it will be worth something
to us some time rite to me as
soon and oftin as you can LW
ses that you can all read my
righting you must spell and
gess at it I am glad to see
that you have improved in righ
ting I can read yours very easy
and am all ways pleased to get them
I must close for the time your
husband TTB

March 12, 1864


Co. G, 33rd Alabama Infantry
Private, Sergeant
Residence (County): 
Dale County, AL


Residence (County): 
Dale County, AL


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Transcription/Proofing Info

Shiloh Peters
Transcription Date: 
April, 2012
Michael Ellis
Proof Date: 
April, 2013

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