Camp Davis Linch Burg Va June 24th

Dear Brother
I now
proceed to write you a few lines
to enform you that we are all
well with the exceptions of John Finley
he got shot but accidently he got
out of the car and stooped down
to go under the car and his pistol
droped out of his pocket and went
off and shot him throug the neck they
did not get the bulet out he has
ben very dangerous but he is getting
nearly well he is up and going
about we have ben botherd a right
smart about being musterd in they
man that musters us in wanted us
to go in for durin the war and we
would not put that a way and
Mr Higgins telagrafted to the ciricteary of [1]
war and just got back a few mints ago
and brout news that we wold bee
musterd in in the morning for
twelve months the boys was all going
back if not twelve month
[page 2]
We got her Saturday evening we
was bothered nearly every little Town
we did not leave the depo at befont
not till the next day after you
left us about twelve Oclock
the boys is aoll well sadist fide and
in fine sperits pitch around like a
blind dog in a meet hous we had fine
times as we came a long the girls cherd
us all the way with the exceptions one
plase down a bout noxville Tennessee
we got cold cumfret ther we lowed we
would have to fight ther but did not
they was a cear fired in a few days
be four we came a loung but no
bodey kild nor wounded they was
about seven hundred came on the
car as we did som of them
from Texas and some from newarlens
and Alabama and Arkansaw
they has not ben any fighting up
her yet of acount just a few little
scrumigs round a bout here or not here
either but about Harpers feary they
had a little round and the souther
people has burnt the place up
[page 3]
They is about three or four thousen troops
here at this place they are coming in evry
day and som going away this is a place
they all stop and drill till they arewell
drilld and then leave for richman pople
here thinks that they will bee fighting at
richman befor long and for that
reson we do not know how long we
will remain here we may stay
here two months and we may not
stay longher than two weaks we
will stay here two weaks I know

well william I would like to write
you a interresing letter but I can not
my mind is so torin up and
so d--d much fuss here that all
he-l couldent write dromes and fifs
and music of all sort and our boys
all willd I cold tell you several
things if my mind woul com on
them so Excuse me this time and
I try to do better next time maby I will
be ust to it by that time I send
my respects to all inqirin friends tell
them I will give them the hole details
when time
[page 4]
we have plenty to Eate and that
wich is good good beef and bacan
Flower and meel as we came on
we got plenty of good vittels
Tell Pat I do not know when I
will get to write to him he can
write to me he has a chanc to what
I do I am setin flat of my sturn
on the groun now so write no more
at present onley I remain s ever
so Farewell for a while
J Rogers to
W Rogers
Direct your letter
this a way
John Rogers
Camp Davis LinchBurg
VA Incear of Captain


  1. Capt. Robert W. Higgins of Co. E
June 24, 1861


Co. E, 12th Alabama Infantry
Residence (County): 
Dekalb County, AL


Residence (County): 
Dekalb County, AL


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From Municipality: 
From Note: 
Camp Davis


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Transcription/Proofing Info

Andrea Cudworth
Transcription Date: 
April, 2012
Michael Ellis
Proof Date: 
May, 2013

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