Hope Landing Verginia

March 11th 1863

Deer brother this Eavening i amfou

nd a mongst the liveing and in Joying

good helth and whilst i am blest with

helth thrue toyl and danger that i

have had to pass ihope you may have the

Same blessing when i started from mi

home and bid fare well to companion and

childron and brothers little did i drea

m what i had to pass threw and more

than this i did not think i could un

dergo what i have went threw i have su

ffered more hardships within seven month

that i have ben gon than i have in all

mi life this winter it has more than

half the time we have had to lye down

on the cold ground Exposed to rain

and snow and maney has ben the time

when we arose in the morning our Close

was was so wet we could ring them

out many has ben the time we have

ben Starved whilst we was on the march that

[page 2]

we would give ten sents for one hard cracker

sometimes we have aplenty to Eat and sometimes

we have not our ridgmant is geting small out

of one thousand and forty one that we started

with we have got two hundred and fourty one

that is now fit for dooty tha are dying Evry day

and this Evening iam taking care of one that

cant live long and many others that are sick

how long it will be before it will be mi lot

god onley knows ihave indeverd to take the best

care of mi self i cood but the best is but poor

and i am satisfide if this ridgmant has to

yet pass threw what i[t] has thare will not be one

that will be left to tell the horribel tail

of this unholy unJust and wicked war

if we could had the sam treetment that other

rigmants had thare would not ben so many

homes made to morn over thare lost

husburn or son that was so un Justley

that brought about no good in saving the

cuntry but i hope in god the time will soon

be brought about when we that are a live can

[page 3]

go to thare homes and inJoy those Happy ours

that has ben spent with deep anxiety

of some day inJoying some happy our

at his own fireside that he can have a dry

place onse more to lay his weary head [??]

i have ben very sick in the fall it was some

time that i thought i never woulds mi [??]

home but i have ben spard thrue mi sickness

and am now a live and as well as cood be

Expected i way now 162[4?] but to be the man

i was when i came in the army John [1] is well

and so is Frederick [2] i am now seting up with

a sick young man and it is a chance if he lives till

sundown to morrow he is from Burdett

by the name of Georg Cutler [3] his half brother

is gon home to Burdett on a ten days furlow

but when he gets back he will not find

poor george in his tent it is nothing to see

men dye heare but it seems tuff to me to

see men after tha have gon threw toyl

and danger dye without friends and

want of care buried more like the

[page 4]

horse or muel than aney thing

that i can compare him and i am

trying to doo all i can to cumfort

the aflicted i wount talk about

rebles nor fighting them for i heare so

much of that kind of brag that

i furbare it is now four oclock

in the morning and i must close

you must write often as you

can So good buy Brother

Christopher Van Loon

To Abraham Van Loon

  1. Pvt. John Van Loon, Co. H, 107th NY Inf.
  2. Pvt. Frederick Van Loon, Co. H, 107th NY Inf.
  3. George Cutler died soon after
March 11, 1863


Co. H, 107th New York Infantry
Residence (County): 
Schuyler County, NY


Co. H, 107th New York Infantry
Residence (County): 
Schuyler County, NY


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Hope Landing

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Michael Ellis
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December, 2008
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