June the 26th 1863
Camp Near Shelbyville Tenn
Dear Wife and children it is with the graitist of pleasure
that I Seat my Self to drop you a few lines
to let you know that I am in comin helth
at present & I hope when these few Lines comes
to hand they may find you injoying the
graitst of helth I received your kind which
gave me grait satisfaction to here from you
& to here you was all well & all of the connection
was well I recived yours of the 11 of June whi
ch was the 2 leter I have receive from you
I am glad to here you are geting a long so well
with your crop & that your wheet is good &
you got it took keer of I am glad to here bud
it geting a long with his crop & stears bud I want
you to go it and do all you can & try to mak
all you can to eat for your Mother and sisters
& litel Brother & for me a gainst I come home
My dear children I want you all to be
good Children & mind your mother untill I
come home I think through the merseys of
god I Shall be per mited to get home after a
while but I do not know when
[page 2]
I have Seen James Nelums this morning
he is as well as comin and Sends his love & respe
cts to you & the connection all and wants you all
to rite to him I Saw Cravin haris here & he wants
Washington to rite to him he is in the 26 Ala
Regt in Company I he was well and so fat I
did not know him and passed him by as
a strainge I also Seen Franklin Or?>led the
other day he was in tolerabel helth I have rote
to the boys at war trais [1] to know if they
had herd from H.J. Gilliland and I have not
got eny answer from them and when you rite to
me a gain if you have herd eny thing a bout him
I want you to rite for I want to here from him
Tell W. C. Webb to not think hard of me nor
none of the Connection for not riting a seperate leter
to him a bout Jasper I have not herd eny thing
more than you have all redy received for
the old man that told us a bout him has
forgot the mans name where Jasper died at
and w caint find out eny more a bout him
unless it Shold be by chance thes things is hard
but gods will mus be done and let us not complain
[page 3]
I want to Se you all very bad you statid
in your leter that the children was all taking
on a bout me I dont want them to do that at
all for there is no use in that that nor I dont
want you my dear to think long of my absence
for if its gods holy will I will soon return
home & may his will be done with us all and
may we be resined to his will we are exp
ecting a fight here we are fixin for it ever
day a thorowing oup Brest works I dont know
when we will fite but it is thaw we will fite
Shortly we have a heep of very hevy duty to
perform such gard & working on Brest works
I am a detail 1 day to the Brest works and the next
day I go on guard we get a plenty of Bred to eat
now we have no rite to grumble a bout our
rashins such as it is and we aut to feel thank
full that it is no worse with us than it is I
feell thankful that it is no worse I will say
to you wheet crops is very good here corn crops what
I have seen looks fine it is raining & has bin 2 days
we have had a heep of rain here all this month
[page 4]
My dear Wife & children I caint rite to you
how bad I do want to Se you all and I hope
I will be sporn and you all blessed and I shall
be enabld to get home soon I want all of the
connection to remimber me in there prares
and I want to Se them all and I want
them to rite to me Simeon McDonald
is riting this for me he is as well as comin
we are in the saim Mes I want you all to
do the best you can I must come to a close
for this time by daying I sill Remain
yours in Bonds of love untill death

Wm B Gilliland
To Wife & Children
Friends I want you to rite to
me and not fail Rite all of the
nuse you can and how ever thing
is going So Farewell for this time

  1. Wartrace, TN
June 26, 1863


Co. E, 22nd Alabama Infantry
Residence (County): 
Marshall County, AL


Residence (County): 
Marshall County, AL


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Casey White
Transcription Date: 
August, 2008
Michael Ellis
Proof Date: 
September, 2008

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