This february they 2th 1865 [1]
Camp of this 58th ala regt at holly near
Mobeal ala on they Bay my Dear &
Much Beloved Sister Marthy J
Gilliland & Childrin one & all Sarah Jane
& nancy & John & littel James Jane & frank all
as one Marthy thank god i am this
Morning blest with they presant opertunity
of droping you a few lins Which leavs me
Well Marthy i trust to god that thase
lines may soon reach you & find you & all
they Childrin all Well & doing Well Marthy
?????????>the relation ???> then
?????????> you that ???????????>
??> Boys is hear at Mobeal & we are all
well Marthy i can say to you that i want
to see you & they childrin they Worst in the
world tho i am away hear in this Crewell
i cant tell When i Will hav they
??> to com to see you all but marthy i
??> hop i wont be Bee long till we Will
hav they pleasure of seeing each other a gain
Marthy i no that you & yore littel childrin
seas a lonsom & desolat time tho I hope
that god Will bee with you in yore lonsom
??> of troubel & that he may spar you to
[page 2]
live & bless you all with good health &
strength and Bless you all With ??> they
worthey Blessing that his all seeing eye seas
that you stand in need of While in this life
Marthy i hope that god Will spare
you to live to rase yore littel alfant
Childrin god Bless them all i prey marthy
tell they childrin that i love you all & wishes
you all Well & to do Well marthy tell all
they childrin to be god childrin & try to prepar
to meat their father in heaven Where
parting will bee no more Marthy i Want
you to excuse me for not riting to you
for we hav bin Marching & fiting nearly all the
time ????????????????????????????> [2]
i hant got a letter from lisabeth in a long
time marthy i dont Want you & they childrin
to forget me & i want you to rite to me & let
me no how you air gitting a long i am very
ancious to hear from you all marthy they is a
grait talk of pease hear at mobeal now tho i cant
tell when we will hav pease tho i hope it wont bee
long till pease will bee made Martha i think
that i will git a ferlow to com home in a few
days We air campt rite on they edg of they mobeal Bay & We can see the yankees gun boats evry day
i Will close rite soon Direct yore letters to me in
Co. H. 58th ala regt hoaltsclaws Bregade mobeal ala.
H.F. Gilliland to Martha Jane Gilliland & all
they childrin in lov to all franklin Gilliland to all

  1. This letter is very stained and soiled
  2. rest of line obscured by fold
February 2, 1865


58th Alabama Infantry


Residence (County): 
Marshall County, AL


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Transcription/Proofing Info

Casey White
Transcription Date: 
August, 2008
Michael Ellis
Proof Date: 
September, 2008

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