State of Va Sept 22th 1861
Dear Brother
I seat my self this evening for the
purpus of anser your most kind
an affectionet leter whitch com
safe to hand th 20 of Sept I was
very glad to here from you all an
sory to here from our Brother Soldier
G. B. L[as?]ters deth, I dont no of any
repeter that I can bye, I hav ben
looking around since I got your
leter but thay hav sent the
most of them home, for the
pertection of these folks.
I was glad to here from Miss
mildred Yates, that she was getting
on fine with boys. I advise
hir not to lose none of them
till pece is acomplished an
all of the solders return home
to there intended and most hiley
[page 2]
We hav moved abot 16 or 17
miles from manases sorter South
East an station our selvs near
Dumfriese in about 2 or 2 an ½ miles
off we are about 30 miles from
the city, we can here canones
every day I hird the other day that
som men was triing old long tom
3 miles at an old ship an sed
pluged a hole evey time
for 4 times the ship was no a
count. Som ses we are stationd
for the winter but I dont no
nor I dont think thay do.
Tell Miss Mildred that I would
be glad to here from hir at
any time it would giv me Joy
at any time I dont like to
make a blunder in admiting
it looks very bad to me
you Stated in your last leter
about som close I dont think
[page 3]
you need to troubel your self
yet we dont need them yet
an if we hav to march we
cant cary them with us handy
I should be very glad to here
from you all or to see you
all tell all of my friends
to write to me if I hav any
there with you thay may be
Dont send any thing till we
write for them an then you
must com with it an take
cear of it our letres may be
backed the same way as be
foor we moved. I hant got
but one girl to write to
me yet I wish you cood see
som of the leters that is past
to an from I hird this
morning that H Lewter was
}ded at
[page 4]
We left all the sick at our
last camp but som of them
cam to day Sid an severl of
others. I must close by sing [1] write
to me as soon as you get this.
Dont forget your friend
till deth.

Yours affectionat G. T. Beavers

To Miss M. Yates
Miss I pay that the winds that blow
over the tops of the trees may cary
my love to my native land an
my hapy home an on to my
intended, never forgot.
write Soon. Yours truly
G. T. Beavers

  1. sing = saying?
September 22, 1861


Co. I, 6th North Carolina Infantry


Co. G, 16th North Carolina Infantry
Residence (County): 
Chatham County, NC

Transcription/Proofing Info

Andrea Cudworth
Transcription Date: 
September, 2011
Michael Ellis
Proof Date: 
October, 2011

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