May the 28 1862
Camp near Richmond VA
Dear Brother I seat
my self this morning to inform you that I am
well at pesant hoping these few lines may
find you injoin the same good blesing.
I hav nothing of importants to write to you
at pesant I recived a leter from you when
the boys com out here which giv me grate
sadesfaction to learn that you was all
well an hapy as you was I would be mity
glad to com to see you but the distants
is to grate to com every day it looks
like you mite com to see me twice a year
when you no I cant com at all, if I cood
get the chance I would walk all the way I hav
traveld till I hav got use to it. We are now
about 1 mile from the city, which I expect
to visit tomorow me an C. L. Williams.
The boys are helthy as comon with the
exceptions of a few Rufus Barbee is sick
an Sandy lewter an a few more which you
no not if I was to giv you there names
my hand trembles so bad I cant write
we hav Just com off of drill an the wether
is very warm I want to be there to go
a fishing the wether is so pleasant.
We hav had hard times marching if you
wanto bring or send me any thing send
it so it can be toted as in a Satchel if
any person comes out here you can
send what you think would be use ful
to me Such as somthing to eat Mother
is goin to Send me som things when
she gets the chance I was sory that I cood
not get the things when the boys braught
[added along left margin]
I must com to a close by saing write soon.
I Remain yours as ever G. T. Beavers
[page 2]
You may tell Mother not to send but one
pair of pants 1 pair of drawers an one shirt
that is as mutch as I feal like toting if
we should hav to march, I sent papy
word to send me a pair of shoes
he can send the the first opotunity if
a good one if you or any body coms
out here send by them it is a dificl
chance to get a box from town.
I am in a hury an I must com
to a close by Saing pleas write Soon

I remain your Brotehr
Till deth G. T. B.
P.S. tell all the children houdy for
me an sister two.

May 28, 1862


Co. I, 6th North Carolina Infantry


Co. G, 16th North Carolina Infantry
Residence (County): 
Chatham County, NC


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Transcription/Proofing Info

Andrea Cudworth
Transcription Date: 
September, 2011
Michael Ellis
Proof Date: 
October, 2011

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