Camp Gregg [??] June 1st 1863
Dear Brother I seat muself to drop you
a few lines to let you know that I am well
as common. hoping these lines will find you
& your Fathers famly well John I have
nothing of much Interest to write I will
tell you a few of my ups & downs.
night before last we was aroused up
between 10 & 11 Oclock to gow on picket it
was thaught that the Yankees was ma-
king a move to cros the River, & we went
out to meet them, if they should come we
went about 2 ½ miles near the River
stacked armes and we was allowed to
lie down & sleep if we could som slep
soundly I did not sleep much my mind
being on my Dear Wife & little wons at
home, I dream of them often of being with
them, you do not draw any ida how
[page 2]
I feal being compeld to stay from
them 5.00 chances to 1 wether I ever shall
see them a gain on earth if I do not
I feal that I shall meet them in heaven
John I like to forgot what I amed to write
you we staid there untill about 9 Oclock
Sunday morning when we come back to
camp we could see the Yankees over the
river riding about our Orders is now
to be ready to march at a moments
notice we can not tell when we will
have to march it depends on the move
of Hoocker if he makes a move we will
have to move to meet him let it be where
it may I have but little fears if he cross
es the river at this point we are tolerable
well fortified at this place 10 or 15 miles
up & down the River I do not think he
will attemped a crossing here for he knows
our sittuation he sends up Balloons &
can see all over the whole country,
John I would liked if you had been
[page 3]
last Friday to see a few men in one
large field we had a division review
on the review each Rgt was divided
into two divisions & drawn up inn line one
in rear of the other about half wheeling
distance, it formed a line of Regmental
divisions about one mile long each
Regiment marching one after the other
marched squar up & left wheeled
marched about 150 or 200 yds left
wheel again back in front of the extreem
left left wheeled & took our first position
Genls Lee Hill & Heath was present
it was a grand thing to a spectator our
Regt was on the extreme left so I had
a tolerable chance to see the whole Division
the most men I ever saw at one time
before I have Just come off of Rgt
guard I had to stand yesterday and
last night John I want you to write
to me all the news in the neighbor
-hood & how the wheat & Oates and
[page 4]
corn crops is I want you if you
can to see to the saving of my wheat
Oates & other crops for if it is not
saved I am fearful your sister and
Children will suffer I want you
to be shure that your Sister is not
imposed upon, I am fearful that there
is some people about ther is trying
to do it already from what she
wroat me. about giving in my
taxes. I think if every man will
attend to his own it will do unless he
is acting agent, tell Delia I wroat her
a letter last saturday week, with a
yankee likeness in it, I got hers the
next eavening & answerd it immedialy
let me know if she has got them. give
my love to Leweaser & children and
all the neighbors. tell your Father & Mother
I want their prayers I feal like I shall come
home again but I may be mangled so I
well be but little use to my famly. let Delia
see this. tell her to write often. write soon
as you get this I. S. Upchurch

June 1, 1863


Co. G, 16th North Carolina Infantry
Residence (County): 
Chatham County, NC


Probably the brother-in-law of Isham Simms Upchurch


From Note: 
Camp Gregg

Transcription/Proofing Info

Andrea Cudworth
Transcription Date: 
September, 2011
Michael Ellis
Proof Date: 
October, 2011

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