well Dr. how
do you get a long in
Sodom [1] now days. I
dident think you would
get home so soon you
said you see Hat Grover
and she wanted to know
if I had forgoten how
to string Apples I havent
you said her Father was
dead what was the matter
with him. how much grain
did you thrash and how
near did you get round
where you went last
year. George said you
went to Harrison
did you swarp Jhon off
and did you sell or
[page 2]
swarp old Abe or the
steers. I like pretty well
and so does all the rest
of the folks wat to come
home as soon as I can
if I can at all. the Captain
went home last friday
he said that Godard wouldent
let any go home but since
he went there has been one
of our men home one of the
Co A men was in our tent
and said that about 15 of
their Co went home Saterday
and a lot of all the rest
of the Co’s but ours so Capt
Mayhew will have to let some
of us go home or they will
run away. I should like to
have you come down here
before we leave I hope we
shal leave before long
for it is cold enough to
[page 3]
freeze you I was on guard
last night and I had to
walk as fast as I could
and then liked to
froze we havent got any
more cloth’s. we led our horses
over to the Blacksmiths
Shop and had them branded
and this is the mark USMC I [2]
cannot think of any thing
new to write the papers
seam to say that we get
whiped evry time our folks
fight. but in sted of
discourageing me about
going I am so much the
more determined to go
and fight as long as I
can we had a meeting
here yesterday afternoon
I want one or two letters
a week give my love to all
the folks good by A. M. B.
[page 4]
well Henry how do
you and Gus get a long
I suppose you go down
there 3 or 4 times a weeke
and down to see Hattie
Brown the rest of the time
I want you to eat a apple
for me how many potatoes
have you dug since I come
a way tell Orrin not to go
to see Pea Village to often tell
him to go and see Hate
for me once in a while
good by
A. M. Brackett.
Camp Goddard
if you have a chance I want
you to send them Gloves
down I if Orrin comes
down I will write to him
when to come

  1. The Sodom referred to in the Brackett letters is in Cumberland County, Maine north of Yarmouth. There is a different Sodom in Oxford County.
  2. brand letters in pairs, stacked on top of each other
October 28, 1861


Co. F, 1st Maine Cavalry
Residence (County): 
Cumberland County, ME


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Heather Messic
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November, 2013
M. Ellis
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November, 2013

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