Near Pegram House Nove 6, 1864 [1]
Dear Brother
I think I will write
you a letter to night. it is
now Sunday eve. I have not
had time to write anney since
we moved down to the left
and back, last Sunday I wrote
a few lines home and have not
had time to write more anney till
now. this forenoon our Regt
went on inspection and this afternoon
our Brigade was review by Gen
Griffin [2] and after that I went to
Meetting the meeting was in fort
Welch whare the 7th Maine battery
stops I saw Sidney Perram son
he is in the battery he has just
come out. he used to be in co. F
23d Maine Regt , our Chaplain
phreached. he spoked about a man
if he was a good boy he would be
[page 2]
a good man and if a Soldier was
a good Man at home he could
be here he spoke about swaring also.
but I will tell you what I have been
doing the lst weeak. last Monday
I went back to the weldon R. Road
to the yallow House a distance of three miles. and went to our
QuaterMaster to get a coppy of our last
Muster roll so as to make out new
ones for it was the day to be
mustered for pay. when I got thare
I found Capt Noyes eating his breckfast
and I tell you I was veary glad to see
him and hear from home. he came just in time. he rode
to the Regt on horse back. he is
looking quite well. I got my roll
and maid out a new one and our Co. was
Mustered for pay. my name was
put on the rolls this time as
Corporal & I could have had a sergt
birth if I had wanted it, but
I should have had to take
charge of the Co. and it is not
so easy as it is to be color
[page 3]
Corporal and carry the state
flag. you see I get red of
carrying a gun and keeping it clean, and sixty rounds
of cartridges. Otis Bosworth one of my
tent mates. & Frank Barker wer also
promoted to a Corp birth thay are color
guard. Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday
I was to work making out the pay rolls
or Muster rolls and I got them all done
right. we had a hard rain Thursday.
Friday I was to work on my tent &
Saturday I was washing my self & clothe
and having a general cleaning up & so wer my
tent mates. I have got a good tent
built up four feet heigh and a good fire
place built of brick and two good tent mates
Otis Bosworth & Frank Stanley brother
to the Stanley that marred Mary Bennett and we are
having a good time and living heigh
on friters puddings fish hash & boild potatoes
& stake & gravey. we have got a frye pan
& cook for our selves. we have got a good
Co. cook. hs name is Battles.
Capt wanted me to cook for him
& tent with him but I should
[page 4]
haft to work all the time
cutting wood & cooking but I like
my place the best.
today is Monday the 7, and a rainey
day it has been. to morrow the
great fight for president takes
place & old Abe will still be the
man. but I must close soon.
I got a letter from home Saturday
& two dollars and stamps, & two bundles
gloves cakes apples and line & spirets turptine
my gloves are just a fit you may
send me a larger bottle of turptine,
I have got a letter from C. Cox
and C. Noyes. my health is first
rate. I want you to send me a
watch key, for I have lost mine.
send me one that will fit your
watch or as large a one.
tell Mother she may send me
a small box of butter & cheese
& sweeat cake. & so fourth, pocket comb
a corse one, direct it to
Corp Wm F Cox
Co. B. 32nd Regt Maine Vols
2nd Brigd 2nd Div 9th A.C.
P.S. direct my letters the same.
send me two yards of skey blue brade
or the color of my pants if you can get
it I want it for stripes to go on my
arms. I lost my bible but have got another.

[added in upper margin sideways on page 1]
I have a
plenty of wood
and every thing.
and so has
the rest
of my tent
the other
boys are out
of hardtack
and I gave them
I and my
tent mates
have money
and live all to
I will will
now close
from your
W. F. Cox.
[3] I will send father my warrent.

  1. Petersburg, Virginia
  2. Gen. Simon Goodell Griffin
  3. Added in the right margin on page 4
November 6, 1864


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Oxford County, ME


Residence (County): 
Oxford County, ME


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Alexis Geurink
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February, 2015
M. Ellis
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March, 2015

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