Camp Cammeron Meridian Hill
Head Quarters 19th Regt Mass Vol.
Sunday Sept 8th 16
Dear Mother & sister
Davis [Klo?]
today being Sunday and haveing
the most of it to myself I thought I would
write you a few lines hopeing they will find you
in as good health and spirits as they leave me
and Jake. Jake and me have just been in
bathing in a creek about a mile from the camp
we received your letter last wednesday or thursday
and one from Andrew friday. you wrote in
your letter that mother went to Mansfield to see the
cars with the soldiers. I guess she did not see any
soldiers though as we went on the old colony road
from Boston we had a grand time to Washington
except at Newyork there Jake and me were
among the number that were picked out to go in
the boat to Amboy and guard the baggage
and while the others were marching about New
York showing themselves off and getting
a good dinner we had nothing to eat till
[page 2]
night except some hard bread but we made up
for it when we did get something when the Regt
got to Amboy the Colonel said we should go
no farther till we had something to eat. he
opened a bag of provisions and told us to help
ourselves didnt we though Jake and me took
three hams four big loaves of bread and
the half of a large cheese so that if we had any
more guard duty between there and Washington
we wouldnt go hungry. Colonel Hinks jokeingly
told us we neednt take more than six months
provisions with us as the war would be ended
by that time. Andrew said in his letter that mot-
her could not draw but one dollar for herself
and that the law would not allow any thing
for Hannah and Sanfood I was told different
in the Adjutant Generals office in Boston
we expect to be paid once a month as often as
we get our money we will send it home except
a little to keep by us to get any little thing we
may want when you get two dollars that you
can spare I wish you would go to Boston or have
Davis go and go to the State House and see
[page 3]
the adjutant General and tell him the cir-
cumstances and how you are situated and that
you have been in a great measure supported by
us or one of us and that your children can get not-
-hing to do to earn anything and I think he will
allow you three dollars a week. perhaps
you are allowed three dollars a week now
and the selectmen put it in their own pocket
I want you to to find out about it any way if you
have not got the money to go to Boston
wait till you get some from us and then
go I think we will be paid our first months
pay this week. ours will not amount to
much as we have not been a month up to the
1st September we will be paid up to the 1st
and paid monthly I think if it is no
more than a dollar I will send it home
I want you to let me know if you have got the cloths
Jake and me sent home and whenever the times
come hard on you and cannot get proper food
to eat or clothes to wear or wood to burn I
want you to let me know it and I will let
some of the patriotic men of Wrentham
[page 4]
know it heavy fireing has been heard to day
across the river from the direction of Munsons
Hill the rebles practicing their artillery perhaps
we have been under marching orders the past
two or three days I dont think we will be
called into the field though till we get better
drilled. though we are liable to be called
any day if there is to be a general battal
I am ready to go any time and so is Jake
Colonel Hinks told
all of us yesterday that he is bound to make
the 19th the best Regt that has come from
New England. all of our movements
in the field we use to be performed on the
double quick as running. So that when we
form in line of battle or anything else
on the battle field we can do so twice as
soon as other Regts but good bye now
you know how to direct a letter to me
Lyman Blackington
Co. F. 19th Regt Mass Vol. D.C.



Co. F, 19th Massachusetts Infantry
Residence (County): 
Norfolk County, MA


Residence (County): 
Bristol County, MA
Residence (County): 
Bristol County, MA


From State: 
District Of Columbia
From Note: 
Camp Cameron, Meridian Hill


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Jennifer Felder
Transcription Date: 
May, 2015
M. Ellis
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April, 2016

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