Newburyport June 6/61
How are you Joe I received
Your letter from the Gurrillas [1]
and have taken the liberty to
read it to quite a number, we
are all as anxious to hear from
you as I supose you are to hear
from home the 8th Regt and
Co A. in particular are the most
inquired about when the papers come
that Regt is spoken of very highly
by everybody this side of Washington
there is not a night pases here in
the old shop but I can hear some
such Expressions as there, Viz [2]
By godfry I should like to be out
there, and ) I wonder what they
would do to a fellow if he
should hapen to drop right amongst
them all of a sudden ( By G d they
[Page 2]
would tear him all to pieces )
(Wonder why Aaron Cilley dont write)
(I should like to get a letter or so,
all such talk as this seems to
be the only interesting subject
Business is duller than thunder
Especialy to day we have got one
of them cold N. E. Rain storms
I just built a fire in the stove
to warm up Ed Morrill is here
and wishes to be remembered
Charly Lewis says fuck-g has fell 10
per cent Joe Parks is here the
same jolly old soul as ever dead
broke like all the rest of us rum
spoils and pigs fet dont go
we manage to get a little grub
once or twice a day and the rest
of the time we are wearing out
the arse of our trousers You
never saw times so dull in N.P.
fire matters [3] are as dull as everything
else I beleive we have had no [rum?]
since you left the City pay was divided
[Page 3]
last month and Follansbee was chosen
to draw yours for your wife
Felix is 1st asst. J.H. Chase Clerk
Littlefieter ; Treas; Mark Faye steward
it is about as lonesome at the
Engine house as it is in the shop
Henry Sanderson is married, and
going to sea 3d mate to carpenter of
one of the 2 ships that lay here now
N.A. Moulton has got the post office
Bill Cheeney got drunk and could not go
tell Lang. Mc. Carpenter is in the
U.S. Service. the National Gaurd
Capt. Wescott [4] left here on the 2d
to join a Regt in Brookline N. Y.
but they got cheated out of a chance
to go and returned to Boston
accompanied by one company
from Cambridge and one from
Milford they have gone to Fort
Warren [5] to wait for a chance to get off
in the Milford Co. are quite a number
of Your old friends Frank Johnson and
Charley Hosia Marshal Burrll
[Page 4]
fairbanks spruce, and others
Charley Williams sits reading your
letter now with a grin on his
face as long as a [tw-t cht?]
write as often as you can and
tell the other Boys to do the same
for a letter from the camp is quite
a treat I asure you. the Boys
all want to send some particular
word to some Particular one but
space forbids that they all
wish to be remembered By you
as You are By them
times are awfull dull. the Globe [6]
and ocean mills stop 2 days in
a week the Bartlett runs
full time but cut down the
wages H. W. Crosky is here and
wants Tom to write to him to
Kensington N. H. You will of
course excuse a disconnected
letter for I have to write by
[Page 5]
friday 7th
Wind N.E. and driseling.
Tom Marshall’s wife had a baby
night before last please give him my
best respects I have just seen
Corporal Ser’g’t John T. Brown of the National
Gaurd, he tells me that they will either
go to N. York to join another regt
or else come home to night, ir
they so come home he says they are
bound to march through Boston
and parade in front of the state
house with arms reversed in
company of the Milford & Cambridge
Boys, all three Co’s. have sworn
to act in concert and all go one
way. the penny post has just
Brot me a letter from Neal
and one from Percy Bu[ll?]y
for them, please let them know it,
[Page 6]
Spo[s?]s and Follansbee are reading
them now. there is no news to
make a letter out of I saw Your
Father this morning. he says they
had a letter from you. they
are all well,
tell Clarkson Hair Oil has riz
and he must be carefull not
lose any more spears.
tell Sandy that Dickson’s
face is reder than Ever, he
has gone Either to Baltimore
or Philadelphia Charley Gornaize
after being home about a fortnight
left last Saturday to join his ship
in N.Y. he is 2d mate of the
Glendower Capt. Emerton,
I have just seen E. B. Cutler
he says give my respects to all the
tell Cilley he aint no better than
he ought to be tell Perley not
to write so many nasty words in
[Page 7]
his letters because it dont do to
read them to the Women without
skiping a good deal
tell Rines that Oscar is around
as usual I have been trying to
see him all day to send some
word to him but have not yet
I have hurt my thumb and it
hurts me to write and as I can
think of nothing more that I
think will interest you I will close
hoping to see you all safe home
soon. Remember me to all hands
and Excuse for the present
Yours in Friendship
Reuben Dade [7]
National Guard will join a
Jersey Reg’t. next Monday
the milford Boys will go with
them, it is called the Mozart
[Page 8]
Saturday morn Well Joe it has
cleard off at last and it
bids fair for a pleasant day
I have now got to tap a barrel
of Beer and as I have written
nonsence Enough I will
bid you good By for the present

Remember Me TO

Everybody & his wife
John Goodwin is in the lockup
for pounding Jim Sargent
will be tried to day
he smashed him awfuly

  1. See glossary; probably refering to delivery this this morning with much pleasure men
  2. Viz = namely, as follows
  3. volunteer fire brigade
  4. James P.L. Westcott, Capt. Co. B, 40th New York Infantry, the “Mozart Regiment”
  5. Fort Warren, Georges Island, Boston Harbor used a as a Confederate Prison
  6. Globe Steam Mill, Ocean Steam Mill
  7. Joseph Barlow’s co-worker and fellow volunteer have just heard that the fireman for Newburyport, Ma.
June 6, 1861


Residence (County): 
Essex County, MA


Co. A, 8th Massachusetts Infantry; Co. I, 23rd Massachusetts Infantry
private; sergeant
Residence (County): 
Essex County, MA


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Transcription/Proofing Info

Bambi Whitaker
Transcription Date: 
December, 2013
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 
January, 2014

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