[1] September 18th 1862

Sleepy Greek Sation [2]
Morkgen County Virginia [3]
My Wief i take my pen
in my hand to in forme you
that i am vell at presend
and hope thes few lines may
fine you in the Same
State of hels [4]
now i wound you to let
me know vether you have
recived eny letter from me
or not for i have riden you
three or four in [2?] month time
and i diden get no awnser
at all i sink you must have
forgoten me allgeter or whod
is the mather i dond know
i sink you take it hard that i am
fare away from you
[page 2]
but you cand blame me
for it for i do just as much
much for you as if i would
be at home i send you
all the mony i can for
it is my dudy to it
you musten sink harde
of it whod wride you
for i wend to wore to
fide for the ueon and
for liberty for whode whoud
you sink if the rabels
would [??]be the north
whod whoud become of you
and my children why i can
tell you whoud becom and
them thay woud be perfeck
Slavs they whoud be trieded
like dogs that is So and
hour property wodden be
worth a cent for thay wold
[page 3]
thay wold take it to pay
thair dates [5] I will
let you now that we
had a large Batel [6] twenty
five miles from ware we lay thay
had a grate slater the Rebels
lost was five to our one thay
lost a bout Sixty thousand and
we lost ten to fifteen thousand
I will tell you that we
hird the Guns plain all
Day and night our Captain
was one the field he told
us that thay ware laying
thick on a bout forty ac[ors?]
thair was over two thousand
men to bery the Ded they
had five Days work to Bery
them thay only made a large
hole and put from forty to
fifty in one hole and fild
the hole up till to the
[page 4]
level of the ground this
was a grate sean I will
let you know that one
of our Companies was atacted
last week thay have
Burned Doun thair Bridge
ware thay had to guard
and the Rebels Burned thair
tents and took all thair
clothing and Comessary
storse it only five mils
from our Camp we are inwating
an atact Dear Wife if uou [you]
Can pleas and get your like
ness taken and the Childrens
and Pleas and send it as
soon as you Can you wold
Do me a grate faver no
more at Present
From Your Truly Hus band
Direct your leters Augustus Barr good by
to mill stone Write Soon
Point Washington as you will get
County MD this leter
Company F 54 Reg P V

  1. Several words and the year 1878 added in a later hand
  2. Sleepy Creek Station
  3. Morgan County, West Virginia
  4. hels = health
  5. dates = debts
  6. Battle of Antietam
September 18, 1862


Co. F, 54th Pennsylvania Infantry
Residence (County): 
Dauphin County, PA


Residence (County): 
Dauphin County, PA


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Transcription/Proofing Info

Michael Ellis
Transcription Date: 
September, 2012
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