[1] July 15th 1861
Dear brother Sister
I take this opportunity to
Wright you a few lines to
Let you know that i am
Well at Present and hope
These few Lines may find
you Engoing the Same State
of helth i have Got Sad News to tell
you We have to leave Easton in a
bout foor days i do not know Ware
We are going I Would of Liked to of
Seen my sisters and brothers and my
mother befor i left but there was no
Chans to get a ferlow I did not git
that Expres [2]you said you Was going
Send me but never mind it now for
We Will have to leave befor it Can git
here So you Need not Send it but i Will
Wright to you as Soon as i git to
my Jorney and i Will Wright home evry
Weak to Some of you at home i rote
to you a Letter to you Last Weak
[page 2]
but I have not got Eny anser yet
Sis try to be Punctual in Wrighting
to me if youre Wer in my Place you
Would anser it dear Sister i am going to
Send a box by Express to you this
Weak I Want you to take it to mother
i have got a Lot of Letters that i have
Got Sis Pleas take good Care of them
till i git back dont Let Eny body See
them and you Will oblige your brother
if i Live to git back there is a yong
man in our Company that got a Letter
that his brother Got Shot down South i
Pity the Poor felow he takes it very hard
he was Shot Wile being on gard i Was at
a funeral the other day one of our volunters
dide We acompnyd to the Cars
i am very much oblige to you for that
doler that you Sent me and as Soon as i
git Paid i Will Send it to you and
i am a going to Send mother Som to
but there is a Poor Prospect of Gitting
it but We Will have to do Without
[page 3]
it till they Pleas to give it to us i
think very hard of the Government for not
Paying off our volenters but We have to be
Contented Now i do not know What We Will
No With our Sick men there are too in
The hospitle very bad now but i ges they
Will leave them till they git better then
they Will have to folow after us Sis give
this other Letter to frank i got his and
tell him to Wright rite away to Easton
then i Will git it and if We are gon it
Will be sent after us i Will git it
if you Put it in Capten babes [3] Care forth
regiment and i Will git it all Wright i
Would Like to Wright to miss [?????]
but I Will till you the trouth I have
not got the mony to Pay the Postag but
Dont Let on to mother that i havent
got no mony i Wont to truble her nor
you neather Give my Love to all of [????]
and Cooks and mother brothers Sisters
and all the rest of my frends in Coatsvill
[page 4]
i have got better helth Now than Ever
i had if it only Continues i hope it Will
and i hope my frends in Coatsvill Will be
always as Well that is the [Worst?] Wish i have
for them Sis i am not Sory to Leave this
Camp it is a horable Plase I Got a Letter
from Harry burns his brother Walt has
Gon to Wore too there Was one regment
orderd out of this Camp in a ours nottist
that is Short Nodist i Want you to
Wright to me as Soon as you git this
Letter derect your Letter to me Camp
Washington Easton Company K forth
Reigment in Care of Capten babe tell
frank the derectons and all the rest of
my frends i Would Like to here from
you all befor i Leave this Camp to
Go away dont forgit Wat i told you a
bout the Express that i am going to
Send home take good Care of my Letters
if i have a Chans i Will Wright
to you onst a Weak Sis i Will have
to bring my Letter to a Close So Good
by Sis and all the rest of my frends
till you here from me dont Let it
truble you Sis i think the battle Will be
Short and i Will git home all at Presen
From your affe ctunet brother Wm Henry

  1. Patriotic illustration in upper left margin
  2. An express box
  3. Capt. William Babe of Co. K
July 15, 1861


Co. K, 4th Pennsylvania Reserve Infantry (33rd PA Vols.)
Residence (County): 
Chester County, PA


Name Variant: 
“Dear Sister”
Residence (County): 
Chester County, PA


From State: 
From Municipality: 
From Note: 
Camp Washington


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To Municipality: 
To County: 

Transcription/Proofing Info

Madison McFarland
Transcription Date: 
September, 2013
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 

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