Camp Paroll Anapolis Md
October 23th 1863
Well Omar as it is friday eavning
I thought I Would spend the
Eavning in writing to you I
am gitting pretty smart now But
I am not myself yet But I
hope these few lines will find
you and famly Well it is verry
fine weather hear this fall I received
aletter from mother this morning
and answerd it this fournoon
Omar your first letter that you ritten
to me Berring Date the 9 of October 1863
Went to the regiment and Joseph
mailed it over again and it Came
through all Safe with the two dollar
Bill in it Omar I want you
to write to me and let me now
what you are doing
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I want you to tell me
what you have got for ateam
whetther it is oxen or horses mules
or Camels you sayed in your letter
that you was drafted I think
you had Better try and Get red of
Comming for I dont think you
are tough Enough to stand it
But it mint Be ahelp to your health
it Will go one way or the other With
your health verry soon if you come
try and Come in My Company
they hant Eny news to write to day Omar
I am agoing to write afew lines to mother
and send in your letter and you hand it
to her and it will oblige me verry much
So good By rite as soon as you get this with
out fail from your affectionate Brother
George M Crandall To Omar Crandall Direct
your letter to George M Crandall
We have moved from Camp Paroll
College Green Barracks wh Annapolis Md
to Camp Paroll so you first Battalion Co C 2nd regt USSS
have to Direct your letters differant
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October the 23rd / 63
Well Sister Laura afew wards
in exchang to that shart letter that
you ritten to me But you sed you would
write more the next time and I will
try and do the same Well Laura I
am gitting pretty smart and I hope
these few lines will find you well What
has Becom of Elmar he must Be
making the Girls stand around By
this time they are lots of Girls in
Camp Evry day one of them gave me some
Chesnuts to Eat to day What has
Become of Mr Moors folks are they still
in Paletown or not they hant much
news to write to night only it has Commenced
raining so I will have to draw to aclose
By Discribing [1] myself your Brother so good By
write as soon as you git this read
George M Crandall
To Laura A Crandall
Yours Truly Write Soon

  1. Discribing = mistake for “subscribing”
October 23, 1863


Co. C, 2nd Regiment United States Sharpshooters
Residence (County): 
Bradford County, PA


Residence (County): 
Bradford County, PA
Residence (County): 
Bradford County, PA


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Bambi Whitaker
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July, 2013
M. Ellis
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September, 2013

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