Novdender the 14 1864 George I Gote yor
leter and i was glad to hear from you i was
on a march the reason i hante write to you
so i thot i wold rite a foo lines to day
and let you now that i am a live yet
and wel and i hope thes foo lines
wil fin you wel i hante had en
pay yet sens i was at home i think that
wea wil git pay sone now for wea ar
all at lois vill on the Ohio river i cante
tell how longe wea shal stay thar still
wea may stay thar too monts for wea
hante gote en horses i shal rite to
you a gane sone i wante you to rite
to mea as sone as you git this if you
wil for i wante to hear from you all
i hante had a leter from home sens
haner sente mea her lik ness [1] i think
that tha have for goten mea for
ever still gerge i shante rite to
them untill i git a leter from them
i wante you to rite to mea and let mea
[page 2]
Now how they ar Git a long if you
will for i want to hear from then
al George that you now as wel as i you
tell Omer that i got a leter from him
tell him that i was on a march
wen i got it and i had no tin to rite
to him tell hin that i wante hin to rite
as oftin as hea can Gerge as the mail is
a gouin oute i cante rite en mor this tim
to you so good By Isaah Montanya
George i was Bea hin tine so i thote i wold
rite a lite mor to you to nite i wante you
to sea haner if you will for mea and note let
her now that you had a leter from mea
and ask her wen shea had roat to mea laste
if you wil and sea wat the reason is
if you wil and i will rite a foo lines and
Put it in yor leter and then give
it to her if you wil so Good By for
this tine Georg

Rite oftin as you can and i wil
Isaah Montanya

  1. The “n” and “e” in ness are smudged
November 14, 1864


Co. B, 7th Pennsylvania Cavalry
Co. B


Co. C, 2nd Regiment United States Sharpshooters
Residence (County): 
Bradford County, PA

Transcription/Proofing Info

Bambi Whitaker
Transcription Date: 
July, 2013
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 
September, 2013

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