Camp 105 Rig PV
June 17. 65
Friend George

once moor I will
try and drop afew lines
to you to let you know
I am alive and well
and things is flurshing
well your leter was
recieved the other knight
was glad to heer from
you the Boys is all
g well that com from
our part of our part
of the contry you spoke
of the old mare she
must be helped and
if thare is a good horse
in that part of the
[Page 2]
Contry I wish you
would giv her achance
for her life I wrote to
Father somthing about
it som time ago and
I should thought he
would seen to it befoor
now but you can put
him in mind of it
thare is som disterbence
in our co at the present
time thare has bin som
promotions in the co
in our co I say I supose
I shal hav to as long
as I stay with it but
I dont belong to it
moor than I am obliged
to I consider I belong
to Co C USSS and
when this is no moor
I consider I dont belong to
[Page 3]
eny thing but about the
promotens the Ordely has
bin promoted to Lutenent
and the Sargent next the
Cap thinks is not fit
for the plase and he
is agoing to jump
him and it is agoing
to rase astink thare
has no lives bin lost
yet the casnalets is lite
but thare has bin som
hard talk Cap Brown
is alooking for Major
he will probely get it
in afew days he seems
to want the posision
and if he dos I am
willing he should but
they as holeren Soft
Bred and I must have
agood meel you must
[Page 4]
hold the 4 and pinch
Som gals leg for me
thare is lots of them
her but they ar so
hot they somtimes
burn thar was acopel
came allong to Caps tent
the other day and
one intredused her
Self as Miss bolex I
thought so and all bolex
this is all write

M A Phillips

June 17, 1865


Co. C, 2nd Regiment United States Sharpshooters
Residence (County): 
Bradford County, PA

Transcription/Proofing Info

Bambi Whitaker
Transcription Date: 
July, 2013
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 
September, 2013

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