Camp near Petersburg Va January February 6 the 1865
Dear Mother
I received your kind and wellcome letter
a fiew days ago and I was verry glad to
hear from you onst more for I am always
anxious to hear from home to night I have
a good opertunity to write I am all alone
in my tent there is no one near me
to thisturb me all of our Division is out
on a raid again our Brigade left here
last night about Seven .o. clock I
was again forjunate enough to remain in
camp I have got five men to guard the
Camp it is soposed that the Brigade
will come back here again in a fiew
days thay are on the extream left about
Six miles from here O but how lonesome
it is here every thing seams to be thiserted [deserted]
in the camps of the Regiments there is nothing
left but the drum corps thay keep up there
regular rule of druming to blindfold the
rebells to make them believe there was
troops here
[page 2]
there is also a portion of the Second Corps
out and the hul of the fifth Corps
is also out with the cavelry Corps yesderday
thay had quite a brisk fight but our
brigade wasent there yacht then to day
I dont think there was any fighting for
at least I heard no canonadeing
how glad I am that I hand out with
them for it is most to cold now days to
lay out yacht the weather is verry plesant
for the midle of the winter there is no
snow but the ground is a little frozen
on the surfice I have layed out
that it was far worse then it is now
but if thay let me remain in this camp
two month more then thay cant get me
out in winter time again while I am in
the army. which I hope thay will
if you pleas Mother sent me a fiew postage
stamps and a little thread to patch my
cloth. I dont like to trouble you to
send for such things but money is played
out with me and so I cant buy such
[page 3]
it is nearly Six month now that
we got our last pay and I dont
think we shall get any now for next
month I am sorry that we dont get
payed sooner perhaps you are in need of a
little money sometimes.
I was requested to day if I knew where
Doctor Low lived there is a yong man here
would like to have a dose of medicine
send to him and so he would like to
know his direction probably you can
let me know in your next letter
if you pleas.
so no more at presant P.S. write soon
pray for me dear mother and I will pray for
I remain your
Son Daniel Faust
this is to answer for both mother and
sister Rosey letter
I am well and hope you are all enjoying the
same good blessing

February 6, 1865


Co. H, 96th Pennsylvania Infantry; Co. G, 95th Pennsylvania Infantry
Residence (County): 
Schuylkill County, PA


Residence (County): 
Schuylkill County, PA


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Shiloh Peters
Transcription Date: 
February, 2012
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 
May, 2012

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