Camp near Petersburg Va Feb 17 the 1865
Dear Mother
I received your kind and very wellcom
letter this morning and I was verry glad
to hear from you onst more and to hear
that you are all well I have told
you in my last letter that our Brigade
was out on a raid thay was
goen only three days but thay had an
awfull time of it the second night
thay was out it commeced to rain and
hail and continued untill thay come
to camp again the rain froze as it fell
and the ground was verry slipery and any
thing but pleasant to lodge on it a
gread many of the men have ketched a
bad cold by beeing exposed to rough
weather whilel out there thay have also had
a small engagemen with the rebells at
Hatches run I think there was about thirty
killed and wounded out of our Brigade
we have moved Camp the same day the
[page 2]
Brigade come back our lines have been
straightend out and extasited about six
miles and in order to form the lines
equally a greadmany of the troops had
to move to the left our Brigade was
on the extream right of the Corps but
now we are in the sentre we moved
about three mile to the left from
where we have been we are now in the
third Division Camp and thay thistroyed [1]
nearly all there shanteys for [2] thay left []
and so we had quiet a job to build
new onse we got our shanty finished
yesderday we have got a verry comfortable
tent now if thay only let us remain
in it untill spring so we needent
build any more this winter
I received them socks which you sent to
me sometime ago and I thought I told
you about it in the next letter I
rote to you after I got them
I also got them stamps and fifty cents
safe that you sent to me and I
am verry thankfull for them
[page 3]
you needend bother about sending me any
money for tha General said that
the Pay master would be here next
week also I am verry much obliged to you
for offering to sent me some but dont
go to that trouble. you stated stated in
your letter that the Church was finished
I and happy to hear that and I
would like verry much to be there to
go to it but I hope the Lord will
spair my life untill I can onst more
enjoy my self amongst my friends
at home. there is a protracted meeding here
not a half a mile from our camp and it
is a verry good one there is a gread revival
in praugress thay are to work in gread
ernest it is in the 93 Regt Pa Vol
thay belong to the second Division of our
Corps the greadest portion of the
Regt is composed of Burks Countryans Pa.
I would like to attent to it every night
but my duty here is such that I haf to
be on hand wen I am wanted so I can
only go wen I can posobly get off
[page 4]
I think I must soon close I am
well at presant and I hope you are all
the same so no more at presant pray
for me Dear Mother and I will pray for
I remain as eve your affectionate
Daniel Faust

[added in bottom left of page]
Sister Rosey your
fiew lines I read and
seen that you was going
to write to me soon
I shall answer it wenever
I receive it
Daniel Faust

  1. Destroyed
  2. for = before
February 17, 1864


Co. H, 96th Pennsylvania Infantry; Co. G, 95th Pennsylvania Infantry
Residence (County): 
Schuylkill County, PA


Residence (County): 
Schuylkill County, PA


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To Municipality: 
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Shiloh Peters
Transcription Date: 
February, 2012
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 
May, 2012

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