[1] June the 10 1860 [?]

Dear unkel and ant I take up this pen to writ
afew lines to you we all would like to hear
from you we are all well and hope those lines will
find you all injoying good health we all live hear
close to gether and we all live well we all have
good stock this is the place to raise good stock we
all milk our own cows we have good crops hear
we have the best wheat crop every raised in ohio
and the corn loocks well enny man can farm
in this countray the land is nice and level
we have no stones and rocks hear my man says
he never gets tyred plowing hear he says it is
just fun Andrews Leiters live hear and he has good
stock and he lives well and ben Hovers and old Mrs
Harrison and John and bets lives about six miles
from us thay live well John harrison is afarming
and has good stock and ben Hover has three
hans young men and thay do well they ride their
own horses and they have money on [???]
this is the place for your boys a man gets
frum 18 to 20 dollars a mounth and his horse keep
every man keepe a horse the peplele dont walk far
hear like thay do in thar my girls can both
ride ahorse back thay did not know enny thing
about ahorse when we com our hear and now
thay can go and cetch the horse and bridle and
sadel them and ride as fast as enne of the buckeyes
we all like this countray and Mother says you
must com to see us you can com our hear
in a short time we can go from hear to
Hagerstown in 2[?] houres John has wrote to
his brother Charly several times and Mother told
him to write to him to let her know about you
and charls never wrote a word about you
John [hone?] lives in springfield about 30 miles from us
he is [??] well him and his wife was to see us
[page 2]
sted a few weeks and Mother was to see them
and Christian Myers he lives in [???]burn
and Mother says he is geting rich he has good
property and ever thing nice about him and Mother
thinks he has afine wife Mother is talkng about
going to see unkle John Russell this summer
George Loman is liven hear he is farming
and geting along well he had went to Ioway
first and he did not like that place and he com
to this countray and he has good stock and lives well
Nancy has tow childern scence she is Maried to him
Ester Leiter is grandMother Charls is Maried
and got a son and Daniel is maried and thay are
geting rich if you would com out hear and see
the fine horses that Daniel Leiter has and the rest
of his stock you would be supprised he made it with
his own intustray and if you come and see how rich
Russell is and how he lives you will be supprised
he has a nice home and drives his own horse and
bugy and he is worth money and Johnson lives well he has good stock
and plenty of every thing him and Mother lives
together and that littel Lusa that Mother raised
she is Maried to afine man and has tow childern
she don well by coming to ohio her Husband name
is Semore McKenly all of them sensd thay love
to you Mother wants to hear from you she would
like to talk with you she want to know if you
know whear unkle Josaphus firestne and Mikel is
she has been trying to find our whear thay are
and she cant hear she waints you to write us
soon as you get this and let her know aboute all
of your famiely give my love to all of them
Mother waints Gorge to com and see this countray
and if he cant come she says he shall send his boys
whe waints him to com and see this countray
[page 3]
if enny of them coms thay must com to
columbus we live 12 miles from columbus
write as soon as you get this Mother says if
ynkle Gorge would com to see this countray he would
not live whear he dos not longer then he could
get away John would like to see his brother Charls
com our hear remaine your neice

Catharine R Martin

Catherine Sheeders

Derct you letter Harrisburg Franklin Co


  1. The entire letter is in the same hand
June 10, 1860


Residence (County): 
Bedford County, PA
Residence (County): 
Bedford County, PA


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Michael Ellis
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August, 2013
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