Perysville July 13 1864
Deare Pearents as i
receaved yore long looked
fore leter Witch came
to hand afue Days
ago Witch found us all
Well i Was glad to
hear from Home Wonce
agin as ithought that
you had forgoton us
all to gether Well
i Was Sory to leare that
John Phillip Wase [1] take a
prisner by them mean
rebels but I hope he Will
bee exchanged Sune and
then he can Come home
Well ihad a leter from
David Swaney yesteday eveng
he is Well he tolde me
that ed Wase Wondid
and has sinc died he
[page 2]
he died June 26 i ges that
Will be a harde Stroke
fore ann Well mother you
Want to know Wether i want
you to Come our heare
fore the Same perpes that
old misis [kagy?] Came fore
ore not Well not for that
Just now i will llet you
know all aboutit Some
of theas days law Sune [2]
reads family is all
Well Cate Was down to
See me on Saterday evning
last tell mase that i
think that She mite
Come our to Stay a[while?]
Wth me to as well
as not if i hadit as
Well as She [lait?] i
Would to See her tell
melia to ancer my
leter Sune ithougth i wuld
[page 3]
[????] [???] get aleter
Sune from her So that
[iwold?] hear f[r]om home Sun
tell mase if she Will come
out Heare that iwante
her to let me k.no]w Sune
fore the old Wom man
is going to move away
from us Some of
thoas Day and iwont
Stay by my Self and
if She Wonte come
iwill hafto get agirl
for iwonte Stay by
my Self Whare welive
about aquarter of amile frome
town imgoing to Write
to Dave this Weak Some
Day and iamgoing
till him leave her
come out heare and
Satay woo or three month
[page 4]
While She is our heare
Wonte Coste her eny thing
fore bording iwill have
[???] of Water melens and
mus melens to and [???]
[????] but itell you
that ihave Worked harder
this Summer than idide
Since iam maried With
my gar[d]ing and ihave
[???] [??] Well think
imust bring my cribel
leter to aclo[o]s idonte Want
you to let enny body
See this letter tell Charls
to r[i]te to me and
also pet and anna and
mas iwant to know
Whare paps Werking now
nothing more but iremain
yore afectinet Sauter untll
Deth James Sends his love to
all Gor Lewis and Wilford L Send
thare Love to grand pap g[r]andma

  1. Her brother, J. P. C. Hartman
  2. Lawson?
July 13, 1864


Residence (County): 
Bedford County, PA
Residence (County): 
Bedford County, PA


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Michael Ellis
Transcription Date: 
August, 2013
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