Chapins Farm thursday Nov 3rd 1864 at noon
Dear Wife
I came in from picket last night and thaught I would
write a fiew lines and let you know I am well and hope this will
find you the Same it commenced Raining yesterday abut noon and is
Raining yet it looks as tho we would have a Regular Equinoxal
Storm I guess it will make it so muddy that the carmy cant
move much more this fall there was two Brigades of our corps
left here this morning for Some where I dont know where
But I guess our Brigade will Be left Here for our colonel Has orderd
us to Build comfertable quarters and we have Built us a cabbin
nine logs heigh and pur our shelter tent on top of it for a Roof
we have got a chimney Built of pooles and a fire Burning now
and we are quite comfortable levi Blain is Here He is in an
old Regiment the 76th pennsylvania and layes close to us there
is scarcely a day But we see someboddy we know I saw levi
Conner and his Brother on Sunday we see Jim Dewitt every
day or two I haint got that Hankerchief yet nor Haint got
no letter since the one you sent that money in I got that letter
and it came through in 3 days John Linn got a letter
this morning with tickets in it said if we done as well
in the army as they would do at Home old Abe would Be
Reelected we will do as well as you do tell Him and
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and a great deal better we will show you how it is done
on the 8th if I haint greatly mistaken John linn got a
letter this morning it Said they sent a pare of gloves in the Same
by the way of fortress monroe the letter came but the gloves
dident James davis got two pare of Gloves this morning one
pare for davy and one for Himself wm Blackman got a pare
of gloves this morning from his Brother at archible tell the folks
around Blindtown that the Boys are all well and in good Sperits
I wrote and told you that I got that money we have Ben musterd
for pay and I guess in about a month we will get our pay and
and when we get it I will pay you Back with intrest andrew
pace wants you to tell his mother to send him a pare of gloves
He sayes His letters dont go strait I dont get more tha one
letter a week and if you write every day or every other day
I dont see where they go to I wrote a letter to Jimmy He[chy?]
the other day and when ever I get time I am writeing to somebody
But I dont get but fiew answers I guess it makes no difference
[we?]ather you direct by the way of washington or Fortress monroe
for the all go to washington anny way and from there to fort
monroe you needent send nothing to me By express for it
cant hardley be got Here there aint no Express office nearer
than city point or Bermudy Hundred and there is no chance
to get a Box from there to camp it costs more than it comes
[here?] and then is on the Boat so long that Everything spoils
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so dont send enny thing Except what you can send By mail
we will live on Hard tack this year and when we get Home we
will tryand get something Better So its no use thinking about
Sending anny Boxes to us this winter we are too far away and too
near Richmond its ownly about two Hours march from Here
to the Reble capital But its a Hard Road to travel I can tell you
its nothing But forts from here to Richmond and they are the strong
est forts and out side of that is an abbatis made of tree tops with
the prongs sticking out towards you and its imposible for men
to get through that abatis for when they come there and try to get
over the Rebs mow them down like grass Before a scithe
But Gen Grant says they must Be taken and if they cant be taken
one way they must be another you must write often and give the
particulars tell us all about things around Blindtown tell chet
he must write often to us fellows and if he wants to spend a
little money this winter tell him to take a trip down here
and he can see something worth while and He would never
Begrudge his money if I get Back safe I wont Begrudge my
trip here is where was is carried on on a large Scale our lines
Reach cleare around to petersburg we have about 45 miles of
frount just as nice Breastworks as ever was put up
But I must close write often weather you get a letter or not
From Harrison Nesbitt Private in Co F 203 Regiment P V

November 3, 1864


Co. F, 203rd Pennsylvania Infantry
Residence (County): 
Luzerne County, PA


Residence (County): 
Luzerne County, PA


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November, 2013
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